Suggestion: "Zigbee" sub-forum (equivalent to the "Z-Wave" subforum) here?

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Since HASS now supports Zigbee Home Automation too (foremost via the ZHA component) I was wondering if we can please get a dedicated “Zigbee” subforum here under the configuration category section of the Home Assistant Community Forums as well?

My main argument for this is that more people might take notice of Zigbee solutions for HASS and perhaps that will help make it not take as long for Zigbee to also become a first-class citizen in Home Assistant, just as Z-Wave already is today.


Bump! Can we please get a separate sub-forum dedicated to “Zigbee” configuration here in the Home Assistant community forum now that the ZHA component will soon be getting it has its own config panel in UI for Home Assistant (as per pull request #19664 on GitHub)?

Pull request #2389 which contain the initial Zigbee Home Automation configuration panel UI elements has already been merged:

Also, see pull request #2421 for expanding the ZHA configuration panel in the Polymer GUI frontend for Home Assistant


Sounds like a great idea to me!

Bump this again now that Pull Requests #19664 #2421 #2389 have all been merged!

Bump now that @damarco also added support for ConBee and RaspBee (deCONZ based) adapters as well

What does the above mean?

Will it be possible to use Conbee/Raspbee with HomeAssistant directly without going through deCONZ and deCONZ Rest API and pydeconz? Or what’s the difference?

Yes it means those USB and GPIO adapters will be supported natively through the Zigbee Home Automation hub component without the end-users having to install and configure a third-party software like deCONZ or other middleware software. deCONZ does not need to be running at all as with this solution Home Assistant commands those USB and GPIO adapters directly over serial (UART) via zigpy and the radio libraries.

If you are interested in helping with further development for ConBee and RaspBee then checkout this link:

So from an end-users point-of-view it will work similar to how native support for Z-Wave devices works in Home Assistant, though developers might require developing quirks ( ZHA Device Handlers) for Home Assistant or changes to the zigpy core to get more Zigbee end-point devices to become fully compatible.

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Apparently @doudz have also started development on a ZiGate radio library for Zigpy here:

That would add support ZiGate open source Zigbee USB adapter via the ZHA component.

This would make four different USB Zigbee radio that Zigpy support via same library, however @doudz have posted an update informing that he has become stuck on the ZiGate side and don’t have time to work on it any further right now. See his comments on the issues here

This got added on February 19th! It’s available here.