Supervisor Add-ons manual update?

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Am I retarded or is it impossible to manually update an add-on? I only see the “auto update” option.

Yes you are :slight_smile: Turn the auto update off and it won’t auto update. That means that you have to update manually…

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But where is the button to manually update? Do I have to uninstall and install it again? :open_mouth:

If an update is available it will show at the top of the addons page.

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I have node-red 6.2.0 installed, but 7.2.2 is released on the github page? Hence my confusion.
Also, I tried setting auto-update true and restarted the machine, but did not prompt an auto update - when are these executed?

Strange… I can’t tell when they are executed, but you’re right 7.2.2 is the newest version of node-red and I was able to install it via the update button that appeared.

  • do you have the newest version of HA and supervisor installed?
  • has your HA a valid internet connection? (ping google or

Yea, I just updated both hassOS (4.13) and the supervisor (245), and installed a few other add-ons without issues, so I definetly don’t have connectivity issues.

(Regardless of these issues I think the button should be visible at all times nomatter if there’s an update or not - atleast allow me to do a manual check. Hiding a button is never a good UX design imo.)

I don’t have any add-ons with an update to test it but I believe they should show up here when you click on “supervisor”:

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In the older version it would show there but in the newer ones it would indicate an update with a colored bar like this:

You can then update the addon at its own page.

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When you click on an addon that has an update available, it will show up at the top of the “Info” tab of that addon.

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Alrighty, it started showing up after some time. So guess there’s just a random job that checks for updates which we can’t manually start.

I don’t recall how often the automatic update check is (24 hours I think), but you can absolutely manually trigger it if you want.

If you go to the Supervisor screen, then go to the “Add-on Store” tab, on the top right there are 3 dots. Click those, and in the menu that opens, click “Reload”. That will trigger an update of all addon repositories.

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