Support for Ecobee door/window sensor and camera

Any possibility of adding support for Ecobee door/windows sensor which reports motion and open/close as well for camera?
Here are the links to Ecobee website

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+1 on this!

dablais entered a feature request for this:

Perhaps more votes for the feature will help get it implemented…

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Also looking for Ecobee door/motion sensor integration.

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For everyone coming here for the Door/Window sensor integration, use it this way for now -

  1. Go to integrations -> Homekit controller and add it. (You don’t need an Apple device for this setup)
  2. It would ask for a code, the code would be displayed on the Ecobee Thermostat.
  3. Paste the code and submit it. Your Ecobee thermostat and sensor would be available in HA.

Note: If may fail, in that case, restart HA and try again.

Good Luck.

That didn’t work for me. When I add Homekit Controller, it just says “No unpaired devices could be found”.

That’s weird. Just to confirm, is your Home-assistant and Ecobee thermostat on the same network?