Switchbot - Add support for Outdoor Meter

SwitchBot has a new Outdoor Hygrometer / Thermometer that does:

Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Absolute Humidity, Vapor-pressure Deficit


Is it possible to get support for this added in HA? I can share my device to help with setup for the project if needed. It has a few more values than just temperature and humidity that I would like to see added to HA. Definitely a nice thing to have.

For: SwitchBot - Home Assistant

It’d be interesting to see if the few more values are also being broadcast by the device, or if they just rely on internal calculations in the app.

I will take a look and see if I can do this.


Hi there

I added some Data in the thread that was mentioned earlier.


For me, it shows up as a SwitchBot Plug Mini and apparently it’s drawing 1500 W of energy! The hub does the same.

@davethepear - with which integration are you getting this wrong recognition?

i have the same recognition as Plug mini and i’m using the standad switchbot integration in HA

In the above linked thread @kaizoor and @qgazq helped to get the SwitchBot Outdoor Meter integrated into the Theengs Gateway HA Add-On, where it is working nicely now.

With the standard SwitchBot integration you will likely have to wait until it is being integrated there as well.


thanks, now i only need to find out why theengs does not like to start
ERROR:BLEGateway:Disconnected with return code = 5

Return code 5 is an authentication failure. Have you verified whether the user and password are correct for your MQTT broker?

yes, i did. even set a new password to make sure there is no issue

And what broker are you using? Home Assistant’s Mosquitto addon? Or a separately running Mosquitto or other broker?

i restartet the system and the code 5 is gone the log only shows
[14:37:01] INFO: Creating TheengsGateway configuration…
[14:37:02] INFO: Starting TheengsGateway…

is there somethiong missing or is it ready to go now ?

i’m using the mqtt broker the HA addon

I am also trying TheengsGateway. It’s starting up so far:

INFO: Creating TheengsGateway configuration…
INFO: Starting TheengsGateway…

But after this nothing else happens. Do I have to configure the ADAPTER field with my ESPHome BT proxy somehow? I am also using the mqtt broker from the Home Assistant addon

ok seems ready to go. now i found everything under MQTT devices.

You should see something like:

[14:45:39] INFO: Creating TheengsGateway configuration...
[14:45:49] INFO: Starting TheengsGateway...
INFO:BLEGateway:Starting BLE scan
INFO:BLEGateway:Connected to MQTT Broker!
INFO:BLEGateway:Subscribed to home/+/BTtoMQTT/undecoded

If it doesn’t reach the “Starting BLE scan” line, it probably doesn’t recognize the BLE adapter. You can try setting the LOG_LEVEL configuration to DEBUG to see more information, or explicitly set the adapter in the ADAPTER configuration, e.g. to hci0 or hci1 (depending on your hardware).

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there is still nothing more in the log but as mentioned i see the device under mqtt and is shows values like temp humidity and battery nothing of the rest but this is cuurently not that important

Since yesterday’s update (HA 2023.7) the outdoor meters are visible in my Home Assistant.

Strange :slight_smile:

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The rest is most likely just calculated within the app itself, as all these other values are only derived from temperature and humidity. They are not contained in the advertising broadcasts.

Forgive me not understanding. How did it get implemented into HA? Where did this functionality get added which flowed into the main build of HA so that we got it?