Switchbot Curtain

ya i got that working but i have another 2 curtains which are out of range. i have spare esp32 and raspberry pi at home. i tried both but somehow im stuck

i have spare esp32 and raspberry pi at home. i tried both but somehow im stuck

Oh. In that case, post your question here. The author will surely help you out with the install.

Hi @morles82 you mentioned the switchbot working on the IKEA VIDGA rail. Did the switchbot fit without any modifications? I am on the fence if I should buy them or not. The one thing stopping me at the moment is that the dimentions they give on their website don’t match my curtain rails (VIDGA). Could you possibly link to the exact rail you have or take a close up picture of them?


I am also thinking about buying the switchtbot for my curtains, but I cannot seem to find a definite answer if it fits the Vidga rail without any modifications. Did the switchbot fit the curtain rail without any modifications? Thanks in advance!

Does that mean I have to install something else?

Scratch that, added the Name of the curtain and now it works beautifully!

Hi there,

I added the switchbot-curtain integration

And its working fine so far. Just wondering if it’s possible to expand this integration for two additional feautures:

  • Battery status of switchbot curtain device
  • Real position instead of assumed state

Does anybody know?


Hey there! Just a headsup, I can confirm that the SwitchBot will work without modifications on the straight pieces of the VIDGA rails, but when you want it to go around a corner it won’t do it. I’m pretty pleased with mine at the moment!

Hello everyone,

I added the integration to my home assistant and it works well with my curtain devices. It just rocks!!

I’m under the impression however that after a few days it fails to work. It’s like if after a certain time, the integration would stop to work.



I am assuming your are referring to this integration? As far as I can tell, it shouldn’t stop working after awhile, though I am not using it to control the curtains. I know the switchbot integration a handful of users are having trouble where it has stopped working for them, but that is only to control the switchbot bot and not the curtain.

Hi, im new to home assistant and im tryign to get a switchbot curtian working over bluetooth. i isntalled the repository from GitHub - alextud/ha-switchbot-curtain: Controls switchbot curtain using Home Assistant however idk what to do after this point. i know i have to add code to say my mac adress and everyhitng but im nto sure how to do that?
do i got to fileditor>Browse file system> custom components> switchbot-curtain and palce the code inside one of these files?

im using a RPi 4

sorry for the noob questions, just trying to learn.

do i got to fileditor>Browse file system> custom components> switchbot-curtain and palce the code inside one of these files?

No, you do not edit any files under that folder.

Since you just started using HA, I assume you added the code in the configuration.yaml file like so?


  - platform: switchbot-curtain
    mac: 'C5:D6:56:RF:48:BC'
    name: 'living room curtains'

Check to make sure the code is correct by clicking on CHECK CONFIGURATION under Server Controls before restarting HA.
Once back online, navigate to Developer Tools in HA. Under STATES type in in the entity field box.


You should see this entity. Now setup a cover automation with this entity to have your curtain do whatever you wish.

Thanks so much, this helped, i was confused as to where that code went. This helped. thanks :slight_smile:

I really can’t 100% confirm the integration stops to work. All I can say is that when HA has been up for some time, my curtains won’t respond. As soon as I reboot HA, my curtains work back.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot my case?


Is the curtain bot just shy out of bluetooth range? It maybe just having a hard time finding the bot due to interference and a retry may connect without having to restart HA.

I don’t think the device is out of range because as soon as I reboot, curtains work just fine. Maybe Bluetooth signal degenerates overtime?

There’s surrounding interference to put in factor as well, but that will just be temporary and a reboot should not be required.

Have you tried waiting out when the bot stop responding without restarting HA to see if the bot will respond again or it just stopped indefinitely?

If I had to give you an answer, I would say that the bot won’t eventually respond. Yesterday for example I was about to have dinner when I gave the order to shut the drapes closed, and my drapes wouldn’t move an inch while I had dinner. Then I rebooted HA, gave the same order, and then the bot responded just fine.

Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this from the CLI? can I “ping” or simulate the order from the CLI and see if the bot responds with a “pong”?


I installed two curtain rods but didn’t realize they were Bluetooth only. I have ordered the Hub have them sync to WiFi. Does anyone know if the integration will still work with this? I imagine the MAC on the actual curtain bots will stay the same it is just now accessible via the hub?

I’m probably doing something wrong to install this GitHub - alextud/ha-switchbot-curtain: Controls switchbot curtain using Home Assistant

I copied the folder switchbot-curtain under homeassistant/custom_components (I didn’t find any ‘config’ folder, and I don’t use HACS).

Did chmod 777, chmod +x on all files/folders there.
Then I re-started HA.

No errors in logs, but when I tried to adjust configuration.yaml I get this:

Any idea on what I’m doing wrong?

Do you have a duplicate entry of “cover” in your config file anywhere? Also, try removing all of what you wrote, saving config, restarting home assistant, pasting it back in, saving, see if you get the same error.