Switching to Satel-Integra Home alarm, any advice?

Hey guys,

I currently have an old paradox system (which has a long thread of people trying to integrate it to HA)

Im very close to pulling the trigger and upgrading with a Satel Integra Plus (with the ehtm1plus module), start by adding the existing pir and contact sensors and build on that.

I’ve seen it integrated with home assistant at a friend’s house and it looks very nice and straightforward.
Unfortunately there are not many threads on that here, (or as google results) which means it’s either working perfectly or it’s not being used by many members :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any pointers you could give me regarding the instalation and itegration?
Is there any alternative alarm system that integrates better with HA that i should look into?
Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance

It’s working perfectly. Then, I’m the author of the component, so should you trust me? :smiley:

But more seriously - it works fine. Supports zones monitoring, multiple partitions, output manipulation.
For a year the support was flaky, but after recent issues it’s solid.

Just follow the docs and look for the other threads and you’ll be fine.

Good to hear it, especially from the author :slight_smile:

My initial shopping list includes:

  • The main board plus power supply plus box (INTEGRA64PLUS+OPU3P+TR60VA )
  • The ETHM1Plus module.
  • A compatible siren (SD6000)
  • And a basic 2-line led keyboard (INTKLCDL)

Is there something else i should get?
I went for the basic keyboard as i dont think i will be using it at all. Should i go for something more advanced?
Lastly, I will try to do the installation and set up by myself. I do need some computer software to do this right? ( i even saw you using it in your documentation). Is that publicly available? Should i talk with the official representative to get it? how does that work?

Thanks in advance, hope you could give me some info, despites my questions not being HA related :slight_smile:

I’m going to integrate a Satel Integra system in HA as well, so I’m following this thread :wink:
I believe the program you are referring to is DLOADX:
it’s freely available and should only be needed once you set up the system (or add components to it I guess)

Thanks, that sovles a big part.
Im guessing ill need a RS-232 (usb2serial) cable too?

You actually raised a good question, I didn’t check it out before.
I was just checking their programming manual (https://www.satel.pl/en/download/instrukcje/integra_p_en_1014.pdf)
and it seems according to page 5, you should also be able to program it using the keypad itself, I’m guessing it would be a lot more limited though, I’d have to do more research to be sure but it seems silly to buy the cable if it’s not really needed

No need for serial cable, just install DloadX on your laptop, make sure you can connect to your ETHM module and you’re golden. You can set up everything via network.
The only time when serial might be necessary is for initial setup, but I can’t comment on that since I had it done by the company.

Regarding what to buy, I would recommend upgrading the manipulator to INT-KSG-SSW or similar (there are couple of versions available). I had the simplest one initially and hated the fact that it can only “beep” with one loudness.

If you have the KSG one, you can change the loudness, you can also have different loudness for different things (loud for “silent alarm”, not too loud for bell functionality etc.) The KSG has also nice feature where you can program it’s prompt on the LCD. I use it to tell me if my garage is closed or opened, since I don’t see the gate from inside of my house.

But if you set up Satel Integra with HA, you can also display there state of some output that you set from HomeAssistant and here only your imagination is the limit :slight_smile: If your light is on/off, whether your Uber is waiting - etc etc.

You could also set up some actions there that would translate into actions on HA.

Hope that helps. If you have any more questions, shoot them here and I’ll try to answer as my time allows.

Thanks for the info, I’ll look into upgrading too.
Think I’ll place the order today :slight_smile:

On slightly different subject, the next project would be adding an nvr and poe cameras.
I was between hikvision and dahua (although I think hik is better integrated with HA).
Do you have any opinion on this? And maybe related to the Satel hardware?

Not too much experience here: I’m using BCS, which is essentially Polish clone of Dahua. I integrate with HA using ONVIF interface and it works, but I use only static images. A lot more can be done if you search for pointers across this forum. Hikvision is also well regarded. They both seem to be good balance of reasonable quality vs price.

Regarding hookup of Satel and CCTV, i know you can get NVRs that have inputs (outputs?) from/to your alarm system. So e.g. you can increase the framerate on alarm trigger or save some indicators on video stream. But I don’t have that option in my NVR.

Hey there, @c-soft, I just ordered the whole thing today and was reading further into the documentation.
So i bumped into this:
Compatible with ETHM-1 Plus module with firmware version > 2.00 (version 2.04 confirmed)

I asked them about the version of the ethm1-plus module to make sure that it would be newer than 2.00 and they answered me that they now ship on version 2.07.

Is that version compatible with the component? Any insight on this?

I have vague recollection of someone checking latest version (2.07) and reporting that it works fine.
If it doesn’t (unlikely!!) I will update the component.

Tnanks! I’ll report back as soon as I try it

Did it work?

The alarm was partially installed yesterday.

Did a quick check with HA and the first two sensors that I added to my conf worked great.

We are still in the process of getting the dloadx and the app to work with the alarm as we encountered some issues. Working to resolve them.

(the app gives me “received data with unexpected length” and does not go forward - if any one has feedback on that)

So to answer your question, the first proof of concept worked flawlessly, (I ticked enable integration - not the secure one,) restarted ha with code for two zones from the documentation and they showed up working correctly.

Once the alarm is fully integrated I ll report back.

THank you for the feedback, if that works then it should be fine in other respects too.
But let’s see.

Regarding integration - secure channel is not yet supported unfortunately, so you did right.
Thank you!

Connection with HA is fine, I’m getting instant readings to all zones, wired and will soon check the wireless ones but they should be fine. (ethm1plus v2.07)

I’m having some issues to connect with the app, as it connects and then gives me a broken pipe message while downloading the macros. You can work the app and HA integration simultaneously right?

Also is there some way to monitor the battery level of the wireless devices through HA? Or at least receive the alerts that the app is supposed to give you?

When you say “app” - which app do you mean? If it uses “integration” interface then it might be problematic since from what I have been testing - ETHM module only supports one client at the time.

About wireless devices - I don’t know, but maybe there’s an output that you can monitor? That would make it easy. If I learn anything I will post info here.

This app here, I dont know if it uses the integration though. I will try to disable the satel component on HA and try again.

Haven’t tried it yet, it will probably work ok.

good morning I wanted to ask for advice I have to buy a satel system and I had thought of an integra 64 plus to integrate with home assistant. But I already have a GSM x and I wanted to know if to interface it is enough to buy a GSM x eth or I have to buy Ethm 1 Plus thanks

Just a quick question, the wireless (RF) PIR are working fine with the HA integration?