Sydney HA Meetup - Next: 15/NOV 5PM

Hello again!

The first event was a way of testing the waters, to see if there was any interest in this kind of thing, and it went way better than expected, so it’s with great pleasure that I announce;

I have booked another venue, the Microsoft Flagship Store in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney!

The date and time are; Friday, November 15th from 5PM to 7PM.
Alcohol is NOT permitted due to the venue, however we have the event space just for us!

I’m going to get some demos up showing Home Assistant running on Windows 10 / IoT core, and we might have some catering if I can figure that out!

Please help to spread the word and invite your home automation friends!

Please RSVP via this Google form so I get an idea about numbers;

Any questions or ideas please post here in the thread, or alternatively in the Home Assistant channel on my discord server;
Hey, come talk with me in this Discord server:

Original post:

Hey guys

Met up with a HA user yesterday to give him a screen. Was cool

Have hosted mechanical keyboard meets in the last, want an automation one. 

People in Sydney, let's meet up on *Tuesday the 17th September at 5pm* at *The Royal George Pub* in Wynyard ?

I have a booking for 10 but I don't think it will be an issue if more show up.

Ill try and organise some goodies because why not

Thanks for organising @CountParadox, count me in.

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Thanks for the screen @CountParadox - count me in as well…


@CountParadox - count me in as well.

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@CountParadox I might be able to join. Thanks for organising

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May be able to join as well

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Great idea @CountParadox, count me in :+1:.

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I would join too. We can organise it here, no need to have Meetup event I think.

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venue is booked !

If we’re lucky I might get some stickers to give away and some other goodies ?


Just bumping this again, see you all tomorrow !

@CountParadox - too late to add me?

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So unexpectedly I think I can make this…

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pls come !

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feel free to come ! its an open event

I’ll try to swing by too!

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Is it too late to RSVP? I’d be super keen to join too!

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Wait…how will we find you? Not sure how large the Royal George is?
(I don’t really look much like my profile pic)

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I’ll make a post here with a photo of our table, otherwise look for the geeks with laptops and home assistant open!

I’ll be wearing a blue Home Assistant tshirt too.

I’ll let the staff know what we’re gathering for so they can point people our way


Feel free to come!

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Hey. Saw this a little late, so wont be able to come unfortunately, but would love to in the future if you arrange another. Cheers

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