TP-Link LB110 can you force a manual scan to find it?

Hi, I have a TP-Link LB-110 Lamp in our hallway, it was turn off at the switch when HA was last restarted, therefore HA thinks it is unavailable. If I put power back on the lamp, HA does not see it. I assume it will stay this way until another restart.

Can I manually force a scan, or should it automatically periodically be doing a scan.

Regards, Dave

This is a known bug with the TP-Link integration. It would appear that it doesn’t do an effective re-try whenever a TP-Link device goes off line.

It’s been discussed in other threads, too. Apparently the TP-Link integration is an “orphan” component, with no active development. So no fix is in the works.

Once HA declares it “unavailable,” the only way I’ve been able to get a TP-Link device back is to restart HA.

There are things you can do to help. Make sure you start the TP-Link devices first. Make sure your network is rock-solid. Use static or reserved IP addresses for these devices. But so far, no real fix.

I’ve also found that the Kasa app has no trouble communicating with these “unavailable” devices, so we know the problem is in HA. I suspect it’s simply a matter of the Kasa app being written to re-try a failed connection, while HA just gives up.

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Thanks, good to know. Shame these are good devices.