TP-Link Smart Home integration authentication

Hi! I noticed that after each restart of the system, the TP-Link Smart Home integration must be re-authenticated.
Are there others who have this problem?

RPi 4
Core 2024.4.3 Supervisor 2024.04.0 Operating System 12.2 Frontend 20240404.2


Yes I have had this since the latest HA update to 2024.4.4. Have re-authorised several times but the notification returns. The devices themselves seem unaffected though and continue to work as expected.


Same for me. Does not affect all devices but some plugs are showing this problem since the last updates. Authentication seems to be lost every few hours.

I have the same problem.
I don’t know how is it for you, but for me is pretty bothering :frowning:
I’m thinking to replace all the TP-Links plugs, but I have a considerable amount and I’m not so happy with this expense…yet…
Did anybody find some solution on this?

Later edit
I deleted the Tapo Controller custom integration and I’m using only TP-Link Smart Home HA core integration.
Everything is just fine.

I just got 4 EP25 smart plugs last month and it’s been doing this the whole time, so I didn’t realize it was a recent bug.

I set connected them to WiFi using the Apple Home app, then removed then from my home and added them to Home Assistant via HomeKit. That let me control them, but they didn’t report energy usage, which was the whole reason I bought them. So, I removed them from the HomeKit Device integration and added them using the Kasa integration, which seemed to work fine, but every few days they each require authentication. Individually. It’s really annoying.

Interestingly, they worked fine without authenticating for the first few days of using them after switching from HomeKit to Kasa. When the prompt appeared, I had to idea what to enter, so I made a TP-Link account and used that. They weren’t (and still aren’t) connected to it in any way, but Home Assistant doesn’t seem to mind.

Today, I installed the Kasa app on my phone to see if I could change some setting to enable local access, even though it works fine between authentication prompts already. Oddly, the plugs weren’t in it. I didn’t add them, but I assumed Home Assistant would.