Turn off laptop screen running Hassio

I’m running the Intel NUC image on a surface pro 4 which is working great except the screen is showing the console 24/7. Does anyone know the commands I could run from ssh to turn the laptop screen off?

How about a smart switch on the monitor power?

That’s the easy way out I took.

This does the trick on most *nixes:

export DISPLAY=:0 && xset dpms force off

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Thanks but I’m using a surface pro 4 so it’s the built in display that I need to turn off.

I must have tuned off my brain when I saw ‘NUC’. Sorry.

I tried that but got a xset command not found error from bash so I’m guessing that’s not supported on hassio

Are you using a VM in Windows 10 or actually running HassOS on the Surface as the OS?

Its the Intel NUC directly on the Surface. I loaded ubuntu on a live usb and then burned the hassio image to the surface hard drive. So no windows.

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Thank you so much for the idea!!!

I did the same thing on my kid’s old school laptop and got myself a beatiful HA box up and running…
…but, of course, it has the same issue with the screen.

Did you find any way to turn it off?

Not yet.

Have you tried @Bit-River suggestion above? It might work for you.