Tuya Irrigation Hardware (Rain Point) - Problems with Integration


i just have bought this Hardware for irrigation ;0)


Rain Point Irrigation

I love the soil and moisture Sensor … its perfect if you have an lawn mower.
But now i have problems to integrate the devices into hassio. Things i tried:

  • Hassio Tuya add-on : NO
  • TuyAPI with MQTT: no tested yet

Maybe someone has already this hardware in use and has a solution ?!

Thanks !


some news?

I’ve the same system. It’s working pretty well, although I didn’t find a way how to integrate with my home automation yet.

Slightly of topic:
Did you manage to prevent or initiate an irrigation action based on the soil sensor measurement?

I believe the underlying library ( https://github.com/PaulAnnekov/tuyaha ) can not support the device because it is not exposed by the Tuya API. I ran the test script and it does not show up by calling the Tuya API.
I have sent a note to Tuya’s support as recommended by Paul. Maybe you want to do the same…

Did you integrate the irrigation system into the home assistant?

I have it, but I don’t know how to integrate.

I would be intersted in this as well, I was just looking at it and considering buying it.

I solved this by defining SCENES in Tuya that start the irrigation for a predefined time. These scenes can be used in Home Assistant.

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Gagga you have managed to integrate it with the APP tuya ??? could you tell me how you got it? thanks

I am interested in buying this system too, any updates on integrating it into Home Assistant ?

I’ve been using it using the scene workaround described by @gagga. With some automations I look at rainfall today, predicted rainfall tomorrow, temperature and determine whether to fire the scene. I have scenes defined for different durations of watering, although I ended up only using one.

thanks. off topic: How is the battery life and what is happening when battery is low? Is is possible to remain open ?

I don’t know the battery life yet as I haven’t had them long. Maybe the Tuya app will notify me when the battery’s low? Not sure.

The intent of these is to open up when you wish to water something, so if they were open when the battery fails that’d be bad. The garden would flood.