Tuya Issue - Switch works in Smart Life App but shows offline at https://iot.tuya.com/

I noticed earlier today that one of my Tuya switches was offline in HA (but showed online in the Smart Life app) and I couldn’t get it back online by reloading the integration or even restarting HA.

When checking Tuya’s IOT website the device showed up offline there :frowning:
I wasn’t sure what to do but this clearly seems the reason why my switch shows up as unavailable in HA, so I raised ticket with Tuya.

Just wanted to check here if anybody else’s Tuya devices have gone offline at around 2am PT this morning.

Just as quickly as it was unavailable in HA it reappeared - shows back as online in Tuya as it should, looks like it was back online within 24h.

hey, i have the same problem.
I restarted and updated HA, unlink and link smart life in Tuya iot but the problem continue.

Do you have any suggestion to do?

And here ist the solution:

Tuya has provided an easier and improved login method for Home Assistant users. Having a developer account with Tuya is no longer required; instead, you can scan a QR code with your Tuya Smart of Smart Life app to authenticate it with Home Assistant.

After the upgrade, Home Assistant will ask you to re-authenticate your Tuya Smart or Smart Life account using the new method.

See also this thread:


Maybe I’m just too blind, but how do I activate the new tuya SDK? Install via pip3 is already done…

Go to configuration - system - updates and choose beta chanel.
After upgrading to 2024.2b3 and restarting leave the beta chanel.



i deleted tuya from HA i try to readd it, but the configuration process is the same. i dont see any scan qr in HA

Go to beta chanel (see above)…

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thanks sir, excuseme again for asking but beta chanel where? HA, Tuya panel or Smart Life app? really cant find

Within Homeassistant

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found thanks :smiley: so after i join this chanel have to upgrade HA supervisor, core and OS, and after that theres a new Tuya Integration? thakns in advance

I believe so, I’m just doing it myself now too.

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When the updated HA loads you’ll see a notification by system which states an integration needs reconfiguring, this will be Tuya. Once you go in to it you’ll need to enter the code from your phones app then scan the QR code. Worked first time for me.

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WOW this is MAGIC. This worked, and now i see and can controll all devices :smiley:

I might be being dumb here but do you mean Settings | System | Updates? Because if I go there it’s just blank “No updates available”

Upper right, three buttons. There you can enter beta channel.

Thanks for your advice, it seems to be working. But why the did something like this, without coinformation with HA users, and why users have been forced to use beta version? I lost my trust for tuya platform, i think its possible that soon we have to pay for subscription to use Tuya devices in HA. I think yesterday i bought last tuya device :sleepy:

Very excited to get this working since my trial period expired yesterday and I lost all my Tuya devices.
I have got to the point where I need to reconfigure the integration - and I need the user code from my phone app… but I am using the smart life app and the account and security section does not seem to have a user code… it has: Region, email address, project, alexa, password, fingerprint id, pattern lock, delete account. Is it somewhere else in the Smart life app? or can I get it from my online Tuya account perhaps?


I did the update to new Tuya ingetration, nearly everything is working.
I have a 230V switch plug which can also monitor the power consumption. With new integration the power consumption has disappeared…
Would be great to have this solved. Thx


This is what I see in the beta channel, not the one mentioned: