Tuya local

Thanks, works a treat!!

import tinytuya

d = tinytuya.OutletDevice('DEVICE_ID_HERE', 'IP_ADDRESS_HERE', 'LOCAL_KEY_HERE')
#data = d.status() 
#print('set_status() result %r' % data)
d.set_value(101, 'mode_on')


I am on the HA beta for 2022.6 and I’m starting to receive some warnings of things to come with this integration:

Logger: homeassistant.helpers.frame
Source: helpers/frame.py:103
First occurred: 8:25:47 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 8:25:47 PM

Detected integration that uses deprecated async_get_registry to access entity registry, use async_get instead. Please report issue to the custom component author for localtuya using this method at custom_components/localtuya/init.py, line 315: ent_reg = await er.async_get_registry(hass)


I have a wifi door sensor that is configured in tuya integration. But it’s not getting auto detected by local tuya integration and I am not able to integrate it manually via local tuya as well.

Please guide me, how can I integrate in local tuya integration.


Apologies - I missed this message and the one from @IamDan

Hoping you’ve figured it out by now, but when you setup an entity in LocalTuya, you choose ‘Select’ as the platform type (same dialog that would allow you to select ‘binary sensor’ or ‘switch’).

Does anyone know of a different forum where people actually get responses? I guess asking that question here is rather useless, which serves my point. I’m ready to give up on HA, and all I can find are bits and pieces all over the place, which takes forever!.

Try posting your question for a response. I recommend reading this first.

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Oh good to know. Fair point.

There is also a Discord chat server that might be helpful also.
It’s listed in the “Need Help?” section on the Home Assistant main webpage

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Thank you. I’m going there now. I’ve never used Discord before.

Does anyone know how to elevate an issue? Another person is experiencing the same problems as me, and neither of us know who to turn to.

I’ve posted the question on Github also, but no response. Home Assistant Cloud on HA OS won’t connect to “Manage Entities” for Alexa · Issue #75976 · home-assistant/core (github.com) And also asked on Discord.Discord and still nothing.

How do we elevate this?

This thread is on Tuya local and your issue seems to have no relation so why do you think people will respond here? Do not assume that all people read all threads and, in line with above, the members respond on a voluntary basis and while they do their best … there is no guarantee on any answer or solution…same goes for discord which is another way of communicating over a common topic
While I understand the frustration…this is as it is.
Step1: open a new/proper issue in the proper channel and hope for attention

EDIT: why I am stating to believe this to not be Tuyalocal is because you added text where you say to not be able to manage any entities in HA so this is not tuyalocal only.

Thanks for this. But what is the proper channel? How do I know what the proper channel is? The issue is either Tuya Local or Home Assistant Cloud, I don’t know the answer to that - hence the problem.

I’m happy to go the proper route, but it isn’t clear to me what that is exactly.

Agree it is not always that easy but start a new one, refer to the other and see what happens, a moderator may change it when needed

On category: from my pov this is more a Alexa thing seeing what you wrote and how you titled it…but I have no clue as no Alexa, not cloud and not HAOS user.

Since none of your devices show up in Alexa, I would tend to think it’s not local tuya. Did you try disabling local tuya temporarily to rule it out?

I would tend to think it’s homeassistant cloud or the Alexa skill giving you an issue. Since you actually pay good money for that service, expecting tech support for it is not an unreasonable request. You would file a ticket with Nabu Casa for support at this link.

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Is there a way to add WiFi signal monitoring and network switching for Tuya Local devices? For example I have many Tasmota and ESPHome devices connected with WiFi network and signal strength monitored, can I add the same type of YAML config for a Tuya Local device? Can’t find any discussion or examples on this!

New to Tuya Local; added it yesterday to my HA configuration and successfully added my first device (a Genio GPO).

can someone please help me. I have installed Local Tuya but can’t get my thermostat to display any entities.
Please see this issue for more info and logs.

@postlund can you please have a look, many thanks!


I have opened 6666, 6667 and 6668, and can confirm its all good.

My devices were on an IoT vlan (HA on another) and I have just tried Tuya Local, as the Cloud version went offline today, so currently running both integrations

English It’s not my native language but if I understood right we can block Tuya to access our devices right? If so, how can I do that on my router?

Thank you!

Yes, you can block internet access for the device and it should still work.

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Could you please explain how?