Tuya with homeKit

i install home assistant on portainer and i try to use tuya to controll my Air Conditions with homeKit but i want the full “access” no make scenes turn off or scene 26 cold
can i have as a remote control on homeKit the turn off button with tempature and mode?

If the air conditioner is exposed from the Tuya integration as a climate device, you can expose that to Homekit using the HomeKit Bridge integration:

device info have this: Air Conditioning (unsupported)
by Tuya
i use the Smart IR device and i read is only works with scenes is that right?

So, according to this SmartIR/docs/CLIMATE.md at 217dfd0e7a6d3a751802931fb85add8e4ccad2ef · smartHomeHub/SmartIR · GitHub you can create a climate entity and then you could share that climate entity with HomeKit using the HomeKit Bridge integration.

But, in the docs for SmartIR, I don’t see anything for a Tuya air conditioner being supported.

ok i will try with help from chatgpt bcs i am beginer and no idea what the code doing but i will figure it out.

No. Don’t do that. ChatGPT has old information and will provide buggy code for you.

Follow the doc link that I sent you and start there. If you have questions, post your formatted code here and we can help you.

ok if i have a problem i will contact
thank your for your time!

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i read this site: Tuya Smart IR with home assistant and write works with tap-to-run so i have alredy this:

Screenshot 2024-05-20 235631
so i read this site next: How to control dumb AC (Air Conditioner) and Fans via Tuya IR / RF Remote from HA

and i notice he have the template on the HA:

Screenshot 2024-05-20 235942

i dont have the template. they change somthing on the tuya or i fail the instalation bcs i run on portainer?

also have to do with bluetooth? bcs i have error on bluetooth

You need to create the template in your configuration.yaml file.There’s an example in the first post of the second link you sent (How to control dumb AC (Air Conditioner) and Fans via Tuya IR / RF Remote from HA).

i do on this on my configuration.yam1:

Screenshot 2024-05-21 141319

so when i reset the HA and i open on web that error come on logs:


what i need to do i false the code?
the unique_id is the name of Smart IR i use or device?

ok i figure it out with hacs i install SmartIR and tuya local but i cant on tuya local when regognize my device to add i have this error:

Connection to device succeeded but no datapoints found, please try again. Create a new issue and include debug logs if problem persists.

i use HA on portainer so i need to make volums or write code on configuration.yaml?

how can i fix it?