Universal zigbee gateway


Hello everyone. I’m a complete HA novice. Is there a such thing as a universal zigbee hub? Thanks in advance!



As far as I know there isn’t.
But the opensource community is trying hard to make something similar so there are a few projects which achieved compatibility with a lot of devices.

Not sure if these are all, but check some of these threads:


Hi, zigate.fr seems to be a great option. The site is in french though…


I also think Zigate will be one of the best option, but the development is still in early stage and you’ll have to wait some time for a productive version.


Hi, I’m using the Zigate.fr device and following @eLRIC 's code on Github (Thanks @eLRIC) . So far all of my Xiaomi devices are working brilliantly. I’ve been testing some other code separately with a few of my lights and they appear to work.

I’ve found the Ikea Tradfri remotes do not work with the gateway (I believe this is because they bind to the bulbs directly) I’ve also had no luck with my Hue PIR sensor, I’m not sure why but haven’t had enough time to dig into it.


Thank you! I’ll read through those threads.


Thank you very much! Looks perfect but I’m assuming it will only run on a pc or laptop? How does it work? I’m sorry. Been reading as much as I can but being totally new to this stuff sometimes it’s like it’s all french lol.


Thank you! It does look like the best option I’ve found so far.


Currently zigate sells only USB without WiFi, but there is a version with WiFi which I believe can be standalone.

Chrome easily translates French automatically :wink:


The Ikea remotes work perfectly with deconz so it might be that they just haven’t added support yet


PC, Laptop, Raspberry, … basically anything that run home-assistant and have a USB port ^^


Thank you! I know nothing about codes or github. I’ll search around and try to learn about both.


I’m trying to choose best zigbee gateway for me. At the moment I feel that I don’t want any of those hubs and would prefer zigbee stick.

I have found few alternatives but it seems to be hard to choose between these. There is nice DIY style stick ZiGate that promises to support lots of devices. Then there is more mature HUSBZB-1 sticks, but I haven’t found any good data on what devices those support. And there’s also Conbee stick, but it needs additional deConz-software to handle it.

What stick you prefer and why? What has most promising future? What supports most amount of zigbee devices?

For your information, I live in EU and run Hass.io with Raspberry.


I think the zigate has the most promising future, it’s open-source so it can always be improved, even if official support stop.
It’s also the one compatible with the most device, one of the only (I think) that support Xiaomi device.

On the downside it’s also a work in progress, the beta is working great but still need a lot of work before supporting all the device kind. And is still far from a final version, usable in your daily install.


Thanks for your input. I think I’ll go with zigate. It’s also always nice to support other makers.


Hello. Could you please say something more about how ZiGate cooperates with Xiaomi devices after few months of using?


Haven’t tried Zigate yet… however have been using Deconz for over a year now. It’s working like a charm. Auto discovery and for as fas as I have seen, its supporting wayy more devices then the zigate does.

All Xiaomi sensors / switches are supported. Ikea, hue, osram… It’s even cheaper then the Zigate. Can’t see why one would prefer the Zigate over Deconz.