Updated release schedule

So this weekend we’re going to shake things a little up. Instead of releasing a new version today, we’ve released a beta version of the new version: 0.66.0.beta0. After a week of being in beta, the version will be promoted to be the new stable release. While the beta is live, we will accept contributions on the dev branch for the next version as usual.

![](upload://eLdWX1ckomrmpXxokV0Cd4SC5Sv.png) Diagram of the new release schedule

The goal is to create a more stable first release without the need for a quick follow up hot fix. So if you want to be able to access the new features faster but don’t mind the risk of running into the occassional bug, get yourself on the beta channel today:

  • Hass.io users will be able to enable the dev channel in the system settings.
  • For Docker users, the beta’s will be published under the rc tag.
  • Beta’s are also published to PyPi. Because it is a beta release, it will not be installed by Pip unless explictely specified in the install command: pip3 install --pre --upgrade homeassistant.

The documentation for the beta version can be found at https://rc.home-assistant.io/.

If you find issues with either the code or the docs of the pre-release, please open an issue in the appropriate place or, even better, submit a pull request to fix it.

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It is about time for change to minimize bumping of stable version for hotfixes. Every new version of Home Assistant seems like a beta release for those who have problems with Home Assistant breaking their configurations that worked previously.


This seems like a good idea

Sorry to be thick, will this command just always get the latest version on pypi, or will there be potentially some need to flit between the two every couple of weeks?

I think this is a good move. It gives the people who like to get their hands dirty and help out a chance to contribute.
At the same time it also protects the beginners and those who just want a stable release.
Well done and keep up the good work.

I agree. This is a solid change. Excellent.

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Yes it will (at least that’s what I think the conclusion was in the discord chat)

chuckle at the last bit

Yes it will get the latest version (beta or stable)?

Or, yes it will need changing if the latest version is a stable?


Oh sorry about that. For docker, rc tag will include all the updates from the hotfix period. And for pypi, the --pre option makes it include beta versions when looking for the right version to install. So when using pip3 install --pre you will also get the patches from the hotfix period.

Nice one, thanks. I’ll update my script to include the --pre switch :sunglasses:

Where is the update info for 0.66b0?
For tests it would certainly be helpful to know what has changed.

I did not find an associated thread in development category where the feedback could be collected.

I tried to update the Docker image, but after
docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant:rc
I ended up with 0.65.5 (while :latest has the 0.65.6 image).


Could you update the tagging also for the pi3 docker image?

Latest points to the beta, so there is currently no tag pointing to the latest stable release.

That is the hass.io raspberry pi image which does not use the tagging on Docker. It instead uses its own update system to find the right image.

There are also other pi images such as https://hub.docker.com/r/homeassistant/armhf-homeassistant/ or https://hub.docker.com/r/homeassistant/raspberrypi-homeassistant/. Do they all belong to hass.io? Is there any official pi image which uses the tagging of the x86 image?

They all belong to Hass.io, which is the only Docker image that we support for the Raspberry Pi series.

Pulled the :rc docker image again; now it says it’s v0.65.6.

REPOSITORY                                    TAG                 DIGEST                                                                    IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
docker.io/homeassistant/home-assistant        rc                  sha256:bc4e936671ca4f0dce7353b043982f693462d3c525df3dbaffa2e8acba7aae6b   f67e661bba9e        6 hours ago         1.54 GB

# docker exec -ti hass python -m homeassistant --config /config --version


I’m getting 0.65.5 on the RC as well. Can someone share the proper syntax to install the beta? I went with:

docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant:rc

and I’m still on 0.65.5.

Great change, Just one little thing.

I noticed the version reported by this script from the source:
Differs a little from the .HA_VERSION on the installed software. Ex:

Script version: 0.66.0b2
Installed Version: 0.66.0.b2

That last dot breaks my automation checks. Keep up the nice work!