Upgrade from 0.83 to 0.83.1 Problem - Can´t access anything

I gotta say, reviewing this list https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/releases doesn’t clearly tell me how my system is going to break. I was also caught in the owntracks changes. I truly regret trying to implement some new automations and tossing in the latest release. I’ve wasted hours I guess I needed to invest reading the release notes. Wish the logs would look for those of us who failed to catch the changes and tell us to rtfm.
Thankful for the forums for finding the solution 10 minutes after giving up undoing all my edits from today. 12:40am, time for bed.

I’ve been through three re-installs and restores from old backups and always end up almost getting everything working to end up with the “Unable to connect to Home Assistant”. I didn’t check if others are getting this error and started exploring my router setup with Lets’s Encrypt, etc… Full rebuild of router setup, port forwarding, etc and no success.

In addition this major BUG passes check_config with no complaints and emits no log entries to indicate that anything failed.


There is nothing in the release notes to indicate a change in device_tracker / owntracks that kills HA.

Yes, it is. It is the first point mentioned under breaking charges. I admit, it is not clean right away, but a breaking change almost always means you have to change something

Same here: my HA on Rpi3 stopped working just hours after updating to 0.83.2 … Not using Owntracks. I have always updated to next release (so no releases in between). After i reboot the Pi (power off/on), something consumes the Pi and i can’t even SSH in, getting time-outs on SSH, Pi being down messages etc.

This project needs an LTS release. This is insanity having HA break for a minor release upgrade.

It only breaks if you don’t read the release notes!!! I didn’t see anyone holding a gun to your head forcing you to upgrade either.

I beg to differ. First I have a life to live as do most of us and don’t examine release notes with a microscope. Second it is reasonable to expect software to help the user avoid config errors and to correctly report runtime errors. Neither are the case here.

@JerryWorkman You are using Beta software this is not a stable releases if you can’t fix it or don’t want to then use a solution for your Automation/Control that is Outdated and has a LTS. All I say is don’t come here and whine about a change of what volunteers and others are doing to make it the best that it is. This is a life choice you are making to use and live with so maybe it’s time for a reflection on what is more important in your life. And next time READ or stay where you are. It definitely is NOT insanity!

Some of us come from a software discipline that says an upgrade is to fix bugs or enhance the product, not to break it. Hence, we assume an upgrade is for a legitimate reason and should be applied… or why else was it published?
I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect published updates not to break what is already working.

I appreciate the efforts of the contributors of this project. I am surprised to hear that this is unstable beta software. I am only expecting some stability. How many users did you alienate with a bad release. I was not aware that main stream HA is beta software. An update should employ a config check that actually determines errors in the users config and logs errors when they occur. This release does not do so.

Breaking something already working… what is that? Did the motor vehicle break the horse and cart?

If you don’t read the release notes then don’t bitch when something breaks! Often something has changed for reasons of making the system more consistent or even doing something that was ‘just thrown in there’ in the past without thinking and integrating it better.

Good grief… look where home assistant has come from… no one wants to go back there now!

It is under a high rate of development with a release every 2 weeks. There were 24 releases this year. Yes. Stuff breaks and sometimes stuff breaks that was unintended.

If you really want LTS then this is not the product for you. It is a developing product that has still not reached version 1.

There is pretty much always a legitimate reason!

I think that the following

OwnTracks is now using config entries. To set it up, go to the configuration panel and configure it there. When configured and MQTT is available, will automatically listen there too.

does little to tell you that your UI will break if you use owntracks and don’t make changes to configuration.yaml. It should have been a lot more specific about what is needed.

Having said that, I would expect people to read breaking changes before updating. Home assistant is in heavy development with a RERO schedule that is likely to break things now and again.

If people don’t like that they should stick with smartthings or some other half assed commercial release. Good luck with getting either fixes or help from Samsung (or google or amazon or apple for that matter).

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In other words if anything you use is in the Breaking Change section comb and figure it out

So how does that explain why config_check is broken and there is no logging that makes any sense,

Config check only looks for syntax type errors I think. It doesn’t know a component won’t load/work until you restart.

Yep like @DavidFW1960 said. @JerryWorkman I think you might need to read a little more the Docs. The config check is looking at spaces/formatting like a linter

Think about it for a moment and the answer will come to you.


  • Open-source software project.
  • Aggressive two-week release cycle.
  • History of breaking changes (both known and unknown).

Answer: We are testing the code. You, I, and all other brave souls who are first to run a dot-N-zero release.

People looking for Home Automation software with 99% bug-free, stable releases should turn to a paid commercial product. If you want free and (mostly) stable releases, consider openHAB (just two releases a year).

Some day, upgrading Home Assistant will be uneventful and boring. That’s not today. Today each release is like Christmas Day with many shiny new toys to play with! Except sometimes the batteries are missing and the tree catches on fire. It’s rarely boring so if you want that, this ain’t it.