User as a sensor


Is there a way to get your user as a sensor?

The reason is quite long winded;

  1. I want to view on my nest hub, however my preferred option of CATT does not work, I’m guessing to do with Duckdns, but I can’t work this out. Using CATT

  2. Therefore, I’m having to use Home Assistant Cast but I don’t like the way that the header menus don’t appear and you only cast one view and then navigate using entity buttons.

  3. However, I only want these entity buttons to appear if I’m logged in as a specific user on my Nest. That way, when viewing on PC/mobile I do not need to see the additional menu as I will have the standard header menu. I plan to achieve this using a conditional entity card, but need to get the user into an entity to achieve this.

Thanks in advance

Isnt it incredible. You search for days on and off to find a solution before posting a question to the community. Then, hours later, you just stumble across a brilliant solution almost by accident!!

I ended up finding State Switch -

It allows showing different cards based on different users, browsers etc! Just what I was after!!!

Also take a look at custom header, one of its features is per user settings.

Thanks @Burningstone. I love that plugin too, but want to avoid having duplicated views for both Nest and PC/Mobile views which is why ive stayed away from it.
However, lovelace-state-switch does seem to have an issue working on the Nest which is a ball ache, but ill look into/post about this tomorrow.

Just to bring closure to this with my solution.

State Switch would have been fantastic, but for the fact that on the Nest it didnt work and came up with an error saying “cannot read property hass of null”

My final solution was to create a page of navigation buttons. I have a xiaomi button right next to the Nest anyway and the idea was going to be;
Single Click - Home View
Double Click - Alarm View
Long Press - CCTV Views

However, I have now changed this so that a single click will take me to the Navigation View and from there I can go to where I want.

It suits my purpose and hope it will give someone else an idea if they get stuck in this situation.