Using tado° Smart Thermostat X through Matter

I’ve recently got a tado° Smart Thermostat X Starter Kit which uses Thread and is a Matter device too. This is somewhat of a mini review and should also serve as a place to discuss about this device in particular.

The tado° Smart Thermostat X can be added to Home Assistant through native Matter support. This allows to control the thermostat fully locally. Out-of-the-box the Thermostat comes with a Matter compatible QR code, so it can be paired with the Home Assistant Matter controller directly (essentially allows tado app free from the get go). However, this obviously gives only a very limited feature set; It allows to simply read and control the thermostat setting and read the humidity sensor.

Also notable Matter software updates are not possible! The device does not support Matter native updates (no OTA requestor as of today).

So to get software updates and advanced feature connectivity with the tado app and cloud is required.

If you’ve paired it to a non-tado Matter Controller first (what I did :see_no_evil: ), it seems not to be possible to (Matter) share the device with the tado app/ecosystem. When trying to share with the tado app on my Android phone, the tado app would ask for “Serial No” and “Code”: At this point it only accepts the code from the packaging, which doesn’t work as the device is already paired. To me this seems a not-ideal implementation of multi-admin :sweat_smile:

In any case, factory reset helps to bring it back to original state, and allows to add the device to the tado app first. From there it can then be shared with the Home Assistant Matter controller (or any other). This seems to be the intended order of operation (and, in fairness, is also what the “Get started” leaflet asks you to do :sweat_smile: )

I’ve used a SkyConnect powered Thread border router, and the device at first would just not appear offline in the app. I’ve realized that the Thermostat requires cloud connectivity directly: Enabling NAT64 in the OpenThread Border Router add-on helped to get that going. Once enabled, the device appeared online in the app :tada: . The device then also updated it’s firmware from 181.2 to 219.1.

In general, the Matter side seems quite basic: It reports “heat” if the thermostat is enabled though their ecosystem, or “off” when off :man_shrugging: The automatic modes or schedules from the tado ecosystem are not exposed to Matter. Also Matter only schedules are not supported.

Hardware wise, the build quality is quite good. I like the mat finishing. Installation was well guided and quite straight forward. The display could have a bit better black value: there is quite some bleed when it is on (not sure but it doesn’t seem to be an OLED I guess?). The display is also only on when tapping it.

This is standard for a matter device.
The original QR code is only for pairing with the first matter network after a factory reset.
After the first pairing you will have to get a code from the thread border router in the network it is paired to in order to pair it to other matter networks.

I already was in contact with tado support regarding the missing automatic mode in Matter. They told me that’s not possible. :frowning_face:

In the Matter Application Cluster Specification there is a value 1 (Auto) in the SystemMode attribute of the Thermostate cluster. But it’s description states “Demand is generated for either Cooling or Heating, as required”.

I don’t know if the Matter specification even provides such use case atm. If I remember correctly I also was not able to trigger the auto/schedule mode of an Eve Thermostate with Matter firmware.

I know :smile: The QR code is essentially the password authentication credentials (for the password authentication session establishment, or PASE) for the first commissioning. From then onwards, an existing admin has to create new credentials (setup code/passcode) and ask the device to enter commissioning mode again.

That said, the thread border router has nothing to do with the authentication code here. This are orthogonal issues: Matter is the thing which wants authentication. Thread credentials is another topic.

However, and that is my point here, the tado app only accepts the original passcode :man_facepalming: They seem to derrive the passcode from the device serial number. Both need to be entered to commission using their app. But they really should accept any (setup) code.

On a quick look, I agree with their assessment. The Auto mode is meant for cooling/heating use case, not scheduling or other type of automatic set-point adjustment :frowning_face:

Ideally they would work with the CSA to extend the standard to support such use cases.

As a stop-gap, they could implement vendor specific Clusters. That is what Eve did to provider power/energy measurements while the standard didn’t had it yet. On Home Assistant side we can support such vendor specific Clusters, if necessary.

Small Question, is it possible to set the device into a force open or force closed state? or only temperature setting? reason i ask is that we use a woodstove that is connected to the heating system, and there must not be a closed system…

and final, is the 25degrees limitation gone in the new system??