Velux shutters and HomeKit Controller: how to set shutter position?

Dear community,

today, I installed a Velux KIG 300 via the HomeKit Controller Integration.

The installation was super easy, as HomeAssistant automatically found the Velux Gateway and proposed to install this integration.

There are now two entities per shutter. I can fully open/close the shutter via HomeAssistant Dashboard, but there is no “stop” button, as I have with my shelly 2.5.
Then I found out, there is a position slider.


  • How do I get this slider onto my dashboard?
  • How do I set the position of the slider via automations?

Any help is very much appreciated!

ok, I was able to answer the question for the automation myself: there is a service, which can be called.

But how do I get the slider onto my dashboard?

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After some research and some try and error, I got this to work. Finetuning still necessary, but looks very good so far.


I have a KIG 300 velux gateway but the velux active app is installed on an android phone. Is there any way to integrate the gateway into home assistant without an apple device?

I have the klf200 running in Ha. Works very good

@Faecon is that part of the $320 Velux Active package? I was trying to avoid having to purchase that if possible.


I only have android devices and I was able to set it up. I don’t remember the details, but HomeAssistant should see the device and you then can install the integration.


I am from Belgium and paid around 150 euro

You can open , close and set position of window and screen.

They only thing i cannot bypass is the rainsensor

I don’t think you need to buy a new device.

I have a Velux KIX 300 Gateway and I followed this instructions.

I connected the gateway to the WiFi, it got discovered by HomeAssistant and then I was able to set it all up via HomeAssistant. I initially, have set up the Velux App as well, but never migrated it to my new phone. I don’t believe, you need the app after having connected the device to wireless.

@schneich when I try to add the HomeKit integration I get
that’s why I’m assuming I can’t use this without an apple device.

Hi @schmuttis,

is your HomeAssistant and your KIG 300 in the same network? Firewall? My device was automatically discovered…


EDIT: have you seen this chapter in the above documentation? “HOME ASSISTANT CANNOT DISCOVER MY DEVICE”
(I am on my phone and copying chapter links seems to be an issue…)

@schneich let me make sure I’m doing the integration correctly then. I’ll show you my steps and you tell me what is wrong.

I click add integration and type in homekit. This comes up:

I click on Apple and get this:

I choose homekit device and then get the message I posted previously.

What would you suggest?

Sorry to make another post, I didn’t see this until I replied to your other post. They are on separate vlans but at the moment they both see each other. The IOTs haven’t been separated yet. I will look up HOME ASSISTANT CANNOT DISCOVER MY DEVICE tonight and see what that suggests. Thanks for the suggestion. BTW, HA does see all of my other IOT devices that are on the same vlan/wifi as the velux windows and blinds.

I don’t know the integration very well. I am only a user as you are. :slight_smile:

Your error message says: no unpaired device…

I assume, because you paired your device with your phone, it is not free.

Technically the windows and blinds are paired to the KIG 300 and then the Velux Active app was install on the phone which communicated with the KIG 300. Do you have any idea whether I should remove the app from the phone or unpair the devices from the KIG 300?

Well, I don’t know. Unpair your device (KIG) and check, if it pops up in HA.

I removed the gateway from the phone app, closed the app, reopened it and it took me right away into setup asking for a gateway. I then deleted the app. I tried the integration again in HA but it still says there are no unpaired devices. I suppose my only option now is to unpair the windows and blinds from the KIG 300.

I just found another post explaining how to set up the KIG 300 without an apple device: Integrating Velux Active (KIG 300) into Home Assistant My only concern is how to unpair the windows and blinds from the KIG 300 without accidentally unpairing the remotes from the windows/blinds. Two of our windows are so high I’d need to get the installer back on the roof to reconnect. I’m going to post on the above link to make sure I make no mistakes.

Thanks for all of your help/support @schneich. I would have given up on this if not for your advice.