[vesync] Set the night light on Levoit Air Purifiers

Although pyvesync allows to set the night light on Levoit Air Purifiers (e.g. Core 200s), the HA vesync integration ignores this setting when turning on the device.

Please allow the nigh light value (‘on’ | ‘dim’ | ‘off’) to be set when turning it on.

Yeah, this would be really great. I have a Levoit 131S which works fine with HA but my partner constantly unplugs the thing in the night because of the light, be great if HA could control the display on/off as the vesync app can.


I’m working on updating this integration (on the shoulders of others).

There is currently a bug in the main Python Library wrt Night Light, but once that is fixed the night light should work. There is a fix required for ensuring all the fans listed in the main Python Library do work with the HA integration. As I don’t have a fan, I’ll not be able to test it.

I have a test repo and created a new topic. VeSync development particularly for Levoit Humdifiers

Hi - wondering if there have any further developments around the night light functionality?

Any word on the night light capability…?

Try this custom component.

Hello I have VeSync integration installed but the lighting support (it has two modes) does not show us. the only thing the integration allows is speed control and filter status display. Has anything changed? or are there plans to upgrade in the future? Model Levoit core 200s