VM stuck at auto boot

I have been running Home Assistant in a unRaid VM for over an year. Twice this week, after stopping and starting my unRaid VM, when viewing the console, it gets stuck on AutoBoot. The only way I can get it to work, is recreate the VM and restore my HA backup. Could anyone provide any help with this?


Having the same issue on a Windows Machine with a virtual box. any one found a fix for this

I ended up recreating the VM on my unRaid server and reinstalled the HA image. Once installed, I restored a full backup of HA. Once restored, I removed the Frigate integration. Has been up and running for a few days now without any issues. Even after removing the integration I am still getting a few weird errors but have not had the time to look further into it.

How do you recreate the VM?

This just happened to me too - Proxmox which I think is the same Hypervisor used by unRAID?

had the same thing an hour ago, does it has something to do with the latest update?

Also had this start since yesterday?

Same thing happening to me on unraid. Has anyone found a fix? I don’t have a backup of my configuration. Not the end of the world if I restart it since I don’t have much on it right now, but I realllly don’t want to.

Same one for me - VM on ESXi. Not sure what to do … VM flipped out before with 100% CPU and homeassistant crashed - therefore I restarted the VM

OK, i am not allone, that is good at least : )
Seeing the same thing as @florianmulatz CPU and also RAM for me is 100%, been lite that for a few releases and cant install a new version either to cleanup on my ESXi server.

Unfortunately I ended up restoring the veeam backup from the night before which is working perfect since then again. I really don‘t know what happened there. :unamused:

I’m having the same trouble … if there is a forced reboot of my Proxmox VM, HAOS goes poof!

Upon the first reboot, I was getting “Wait Until Kernel Time Synchronized” - it automatically rebooted a few times then got stuck at “Autoboot -” and the VM is totally dead.

HAOS seems unreliable? Or is it a Proxmox compatiblity issue?

Seems more likely user error. Both HAOS and Proxmox are rock solid!

I had the same message happen to me as well when I was testing proper vm shutdown with Vmware ESXI V6.5U3 and the APC PowerChute Network Shutdown virtual appliance. What happened was the host was not configured properly to gracefully shut down all of the vms, including HA, and the HA vm did not shut down gracefully.

I was able to get the vm working again without starting from scratch (and restoring a backup) by performing the following:

  1. At the “Autoboot” screen, draw focus to your vm and press the number “2” on the keyboard
  1. When the next screen is displayed, press the “Enter/Return” key:
  1. Once this next screen appears, the HA vm will start normally:

From there, by shutting down and/or restarting the HA vm properly/gracefully, the vm should boot again without any issues from then on out.

I hope this helps.


I can’t believe you just posted this yesterday - and this happened to me today!!! You literally just saved my life from hours and hours of misery and sorrow. Thank you SO much!!!

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i’m in the same issue
i have a question here ,I can reinstall it on my vmware but how can I get the configuation.yaml from the old harddisk file vmdk and how can I get the backupfiles from the file vmdk?

i found a free application can open the vmdk (DiskInternals.com) and see the ext partition but where is the location of configuration.yaml and backup folder?

Thanks for taking the time to put the instructions… all fixed!

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