VM stuck at auto boot

  1. Once this next screen appears, the HA vm will start normally:

From there, by shutting down and/or restarting the HA vm properly/gracefully, the vm should boot again without any issues from then on out.

I hope this helps.


I can’t believe you just posted this yesterday - and this happened to me today!!! You literally just saved my life from hours and hours of misery and sorrow. Thank you SO much!!!

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i’m in the same issue
i have a question here ,I can reinstall it on my vmware but how can I get the configuation.yaml from the old harddisk file vmdk and how can I get the backupfiles from the file vmdk?

i found a free application can open the vmdk (DiskInternals.com) and see the ext partition but where is the location of configuration.yaml and backup folder?

Thanks for taking the time to put the instructions… all fixed!

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As per the Home Assistant documentation, the configuration file is located at:
Configuration.yaml - Home Assistant

The backup folder is located directly on the root of the drive at /backup/

To access these files, I just installed and configured the SSH & Web Terminal Add-On, and used WinSCP to connect to my Home Assistant instance:
Home Assistant Add-on: Terminal & SSH
Home Assistant Community Add-on: SSH & Web Terminal - Home Assistant OS - Home Assistant Community

I hope this helps.

You just saved my life! :heart_eyes:

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Life saver. I’m running a QEMU VM on Debian. ‘2’ then ‘Enter’ got it to boot.

Why does this happen?

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I am not entirely certain, but I would guess that either the bootup or shutdown process(es) are getting interrupted/corrupt, and perhaps a file is not getting written to properly that is used for the bootup initialization?

I’m finding my VM (under Proxmox) reboots having taken the steps above. I see a sys log message mentioning “failed to start QEMU agent”. I haven’t updated my instance for some time now. I’m not sure what could be causing this failure.

In case it helps anyone, the problem for me was caused because the disk was full. I enlarged the VMs disk within Proxmox, followed steps above, and HA came back up.

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You sir, are a hero.

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I have the same issue. I am running HA OS on a NUC. I have had this issue for a very long time and figured out the same.

I just use arrow keys on keyboard select system 0 and hit enter then it boots.

I want to know how I can stop this because have this issue everytime I update HA and needs to reboot.

No one knows why this is happening and how to fix?

Hello Guys and thanks! this is my first post here. Today had same problem.
Following the mbielech5 procedure it seems to start but after some strings loading it restarts again and go back to Autoboot Screen. Theres no way :frowning: . I use VMware in windows 10. I thought to reinstall all again but i need my HA backup and dont know how to get it if i cant start VM… Had a lot of scenes setted and addons, i dont wanna start again from 0. Any suggestion?

like i posted. Use a keyboard push arrow up or down it will show a selection then choose boot system0 and press enter

is not free! with VMFS Recovery i found the HA backup i need inside the vmdk but to save it it asks for registered version!! How can i extract it from the vmdk file without paying?

have u seen the video? is exactly what i do.

oh my bad did not realize it is a video, Sorry

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I am having exactly the same issue here.
This is looping

exactly! is looping. Any idea to fix this without reinstalling?