WallPanel for Android Redux

Anyone running an Asus device with Android 7? I am seeing 5 crashes on just this one device when trying to initialize the camera and wondering if that person might be able to provide some more information. The device is rooted, that’s about all the info I have. I have an old Android 7" Tablet (Asus) that I am going to test on to see if I can reproduce the issue. I think its a problem selecting the correct camera on the device.

Yes I can see it in a web browser and also in HA fronted but only for a split second then the image goes and HA becomes unresponsive and the error is seen.

Wow sounds like an issue with streams in HASS. Search the forums to see if there have been other reports with streams. Maybe another restart?

Weird, I tried changing all the setting yesterday, and nothing worked, tried it again today with https://google.com and it worked, so retyped my dash url, and that worked perfect. Thank you very much. Was just pointing out the mistake for you in case you hadn’t noticed it :wink:

Managed to get the Battery sensor setup on MQTT and motion detection too. Can’t get camera streaming to work though, I guess this might be device specific ? It doesn’t work when I go to, I presume there is nothing else apart from flicking the switch to on ?

Many thanks in advance.

Should be nothing other than turning on MJPEG streaming in the settings and be sure the camera is enabled in the settings. You should be able to go to in the browser and see the stream. I know I and @apt where able to get streaming to work in the browser and HASS. I am wondering which device you might be running? Perhaps there is an issue getting the camera. Does motion detection or face detection work? They also depend on the camera.

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So sorry, my fault, was being stupid, its been a long weekend. I was putting in the IP of my kitchen tablet, not the bedroom one :frowning: put the right IP in, and surprise, surprise, it worked fine, sorry, my bad.

But I worked this out when I went to install WallPanel on my kitchen tablet, and I am using this awesome app for HADashboard, Google Calendar custom widget but on FullyKiosk, I can “fake” the user agent string to allow the google authorisation, but I can’t seem to see a setting in WallPanel at all, or am I just being dumb again…

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Was the setting in the original WallPanel application? You can take a look at the documentation on the project page to see if you see this feature. The closest I can think is to use the REST API and send a HTTP command to change the URL of the WallPanel and send along the fake user agent. But I am not really sure.

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I don’t think it was something that was in the original one no. And probably beyond my skill level to know anything about how to change it. Annoying as the motion detection work’s perfectly on WallPanel, something I could never get working on FullyKiosk. But I have my calendar on the main page of my dashboard, so without being able to access that I’ll have to go back to Fully for now.

You can make a feature request on the github oage for the feature but that’s about it for now.

I believe it’s as simple as:

webSettings.setUserAgentString("Put your custom string here");

in BrowserActivityNative.java

The strings Fully Kiosk make available are the ones used by various browsers, but the default could just be one invented for WallPanel as it’s an entirely legitimate browser.

I would have formulated this as a feature request on the github, but I was confused as to which project is the canonical one now:

I found the former because the latter is not searchable and I needed to find the WebView code.

Note that in testing this, I found that the documentURL entered by the user gets modified if the user follows a link (eg. to Authorize the calendar as @Cee was trying to do), so if the user agent gets fixed, check that isn’t an issue.

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Thanks for the information. The ThanksMister repo is the new repository.

It’s simple to add the string but their needs to be a specific setting for this some place on the application settings. I will add a feature request in the issue tracker for this.

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Still looking into the issue with camera and HA but I’ve just discovered a potential battery drain issue that wasn’t on the original WallPanel.

I charge my tablet once a day if that and have it on my wall with no power cable attached and this worked well with the previous version. I left the tablet fully charged last night and this morning it’s down to 20%, it would usually be 60/70% overnight, enough for the rest of the day.

I’ve only implemented the same settings/sensors as before as far as I can tell.

I’ll do some more testing and report back.

Thank you @WazWaz for the information, your a superstar. I presume it would be a matter of changing the file and then compiling the app and installing it ? Although even that would get me stuck at the compiling bit.

@thanksmister I also presume it isn’t as easy as just adding in a switch or a selection box on the http settings page or something ?

Which sensors and settings are you using? I know you mentioned MJPEG streaming, sensors and motion.

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I will try to add the setting in the next release so you may test it.

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That would be amazing, thank you very much. Would make it complete for me to use, as I am stuck like this at the moment.

But the motion sensor, and mqtt battery level is perfect for me to have it switch on when close to it, and setup automation’s for the charger to only switch on when needed.


Using the following:

 - sensor.wallpanel_battery
 - sensor.wallpanel_charging
 - binary_sensor.wallpanel_motion
 - sensor.wallpanel_face
 - camera.wallpanel

I’ve also noticed since using the ‘Redux’ version that the face detection is very hit and miss. Upon using the camera test in the app I can see the image is a lot darker than expected even in a reasonably well lit room and the test is not picking up a face. The original version seems to work in much lower light conditions. Is there anyway to enhance the brightness form the camera image to get the face detection to work?

Also all the sensors under sensor list show unavailable. I realise not all tablets have all the sensors but I would have thought a light sensor was standard. Is the sensor list based on whats on the device?

I am not sure I agree with the image being darker or the face detection being less responsive. If anything the speed of the preview is 10x compared to the original wallpanel. That application was blocking the UI so the preview was dragging.

There was nothing in the original to adjust the brightness of the image displayed during the camera test, its just a standard camera preview. Maybe you can provide a side by side screen shot? I have both running on my Samsun S5 and I don’t see any difference in the preview image.

Motion detection does have adjustments for low light, but face detection is standard Google Vision API (also used for barcode reading). Maybe you had adjusted the motion detection? Google Vision API has a large face detection, so it detects face when closer to the camera than previously. This can be adjusted so it detects multiple faces, but my idea was that the face detection happens when in front of the device, not across the room.

The sensor list is valid, its taken from the Android Sensor API and report the available sensors. You can check with your manufacturer to verify if the device has the list you expect to see. On my Samsung S5 I have a light, magnetic, and pressure sensor, but not a humidity or temperature. Let me check if the Sensor API is somehow tied to a specific SDK, which device and OS are you running?

Thanks for the reply. Re: camera preview I can’t say for sure its darker than the previous preview all I know it its not triggering as it did before with the original build and looking at the current preview it seems dark (hence the face isn’t detecting), so my assumption being thats its this thats the issue. Running OS 6.0.

Re: Battery I took the device off charge at 17:28 and it was 100%, its 18:50 and battery down to 91% with no other background apps running. Will keep testing and report back.