Want to make a simple room overview

Good evening. On my dashboard i want to make a simple room overview that shows some basic states. Lights on, door/window/curtain open and music playing

I’ve cooked something up in Designer, but i have no idea how to effectively build it in HA. Was hoping someone here has done something like this before and can help me get a basic version up and running.

HA Card Preview

Check out Mushroom Cards installed via HACs.

I’ve based it off of the look of Mushroom cards, however. Mushroom does not have a card that combines this title with the chips. So i think i will need to make my own custom card, but not sure how to achieve this

Yes it will require customization and there are multiple ways and cards to accomplish it.

For example…

type: vertical-stack
  - type: custom:mushroom-light-card
    entity: you.device
     style: |
       ha-card {
         background: none;
         border: none;
  - type: custom:mushroom-chips-card
     - type: template
       icon: mdi:mushroom
       icon_color: red
     - type: template
       icon: mdi:home  
       icon_color: blue
     - type: template
       icon: mdi:home  
       icon_color: blue
     - type: template
       icon: mdi:curtains
       icon_color: cyan
     - type: template
       icon: mdi:lamp 
       icon_color: green

Check out this guide

Thank you so much for the help getting me started! I have been tinkering quite a bit but managed to get it working. I’m pretty proud of my creation :smiley: