[WARN] Home Assistant CLI not starting! Jump into emergency cconsole

SOLVED! I am using Google Wi-Fi mesh and have configured DHCP to administer addresses. I dug into my router (AT&T) and noticed that its DHCP service was running as well (servicing a different network). I disabled the router service so there are no more conflicting DHCP services/networks seen on the same Ethernet (L1 & L2) network. I then rebooted the Home Assistant machine and get to the ha> prompt and can access via the web GUI.

I have attempted 2 different type of installs on different hardware with the same error. I am using version 6 build 1.

1st try - used a Generic x86-64 image and created an image on a SSD drive. HA loaded many files and stopped at loading the CLI.

2nd try - Installed Windows and used the Oracle VirtualBox installation method. Made propper settings with same CLI not Starting message.

3rd try - Used a different computer (Windows 10) with Oracle Virtual Box installation. Double checked insall setting and resulted iwth same CLI not starting message.

When I get to the # prompt after jump into emergency console, is there some things I can try to do to troubleshoot?

What would you recommend if you were in my shoes? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: My router is picking up the homeassistant MAC address, but no IP. Cant ping, etc. Gut feeling is that some services are not starting?, etc.

To look at this other topic and the mentioned issues there:

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I was getting this error on a clean first-install (Raspberry Pi 400), and it was solved by, um, plugging a network cable in between the RPI and the router.