Weather station recommendation?

No, not yet. Project for next year :slight_smile:

@jwoodard80 Thanks for your review! very helpful and I totally get where you’re coming from with that. Because of it I will not be buying anything from them.


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I would look at the ecowitt items… it’s made by the same parent company.

I’m using an Ecowitt HP2551 and am pretty happy with it. Good price and an easy install too.

I didn’t use the HA community integration since it was easy to surface of all of the sensors in Node-RED. Right now, may station feeds both HA and Weather Underground. I tried getting it to work with Cumulus MX (to feed PWS Weather for my Rachio irrigation system) but couldn’t get that whole mess to work. Not a critical item though.

As a bonus, I use the UV radiation data to help dynamically tweak some of my internal / external lighting automations on really gray days.

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Hi to everyone and sorry to come back to this old thread but I’m in need of some help :slight_smile:
I’ve installed the program mentioned by tube0013 on a beaglebone black running debian 11 and it seems to work fine, what I don’t understand is how I would have to use the mentioned script to publish in MQTT the decoded results.
Many thanks for whatever I can get, Federico

I finally decided to build my own weather station based on standard components: DIY Zigbee weather station

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Hi, maybe someone will be interested in that, i found software for weather station it’s name Cumulus MX, and it could be integrated with many weather station’s. Also it can export data to many weather systems, also it can send data via MQTT. I think it could be best project to extend integration to HA.

I just bought a Sainlogic ws3500 and I couldn’t be happier with the results on HA

I integrated it via HACS with the Ecowitt repo and it gives you 35 entities!! Not bad at all. It also gives you the option of changing from miles to kilometres per hour etc…

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INDOOR dewpoint ?

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Don’t ask me!!! Ask them hehehe

On the other hand, let’s think about it… if you have condensation problems it could be helpful, no???

Indoor Dewpoint is a better gauge of Absolute Humidity if you don’t have ‘Absolute Humidity’. If you want to determine if the outside air is dryer than inside air in the winter then the best way is to compare dewpoints. You could have 50% humidity / 70F inside and 98% humidity / 40F outside and the air outside is actually drier, so you can open your bathroom window to lower humidity.

Ditto :slight_smile:
Home automation is one things but environmental basics (aka quality of life) are another…
Thanks for educating us, JR

I’m sure most here know this already, but for any new users looking at this, I wanted to point out that adding lots of entities can have a down side. If you don’t manage your Recorder settings (purge_keep_days, exclude, etc.) then you can seriously impact the size of the database. Excessive database I/O and size can kill a lower-end implementation, like on a Raspberry Pi with an SD card.

Thanks for that idea, bought it as well; a lot cheaper as the Ecowitt and works perfectly. Combined with my Woox water valve, Gardena sprinklers, the SmartIrrigation integration and my Worx Landroid, my lawn now needs no attention anymore and looks perfect.

All of these different systems working seamlessly together, all thanks to Homeassistant…

Another possibility…I’ve integrated a couple of ecowitt wh-51 soil moisture sensors and wh-40 rain gauge using an inexpensive RDL_433 radio (eg. RTL-SDR blue radio receiver with RTL2832U + R820T2 (improved) chipset / antenna | eBay and the home assistant rdl and mqtt addons.

I don’t get (or need) wind velocity or direction. The soil moisture sensors are a far better way to determine when to water an area.

I was seaching for this and came across the Waldbeck Huygens 6-in-1: Waldbeck Huygens Professional Weather Station - 6-in-1, 6 Measurements, Colour Display, Weather Warnings, Live Weather Data, Precise Information, LED, WiFi, App-Compatible, Black/White
Is this the exact same device but cheaper?

It looks to be the same… Guessing similar devices get sold under different brand names. This will probably work with the same integration.

as @Remko said, there are indeed many products with the same device(s) underneath. I believe I have the exact same weather station, and there are more product names to it:

Fun fact: The box my weather station came in had yet another name on it :slight_smile:

There is one single difference. The Waldbeck display seems to have a colored overlay sticker :smiley: the design is the same but mine is simply white on black.

I use my weather station in combination with weewx plus entities defined here: WeeWX, MQTT and how to import Data - #9 by ThomDietrich


Interesting integration you use to get the data. I use the Ecowitt integration. You can configure the weather station to use this protocol to push the information directly to Homeassistant and it works beautifully. I get the below sensors out of this, without further manual configuration


I seem to get the same measurements, except for the aggregated numbers.

Weewx is it’s own software with database and long-term statistics. It generates nice views like the below. However! With a lack of continued development and some issues I had while setting everything up (including unanswered Pull Requests by me) it’s nothing I would recommend to just everyone. It’s also a shame that there is no integration for Home Assistant for it. You have to define entities yourself, which is an annoyance.

I always liked the fact that Weewx comes with a bunch of preconfigured UIs. If there were a clever and tested dashboard configuration for Grafana, I would jump ship immediately.

Nowadays I use the weewx web frontend for general insights and I have selected measurements in specific places of my home assistant setup, e.g. solar intensity on the solar energy production dashboard or outside temperature next to my heating system controls. Quite happy with the setup overall.