What is [PATH_TO_YOUR_HOME_ASSSISTANT]/scripts/ in Hassio on top of Raspbian Buster on Pi4?

Disclaimer: This question is a follow up on my other question Which user is running Hassio on top of Raspbian Buster on Pi4?

Like many others, I am trying to set up a bluetooth speaker with my home assistant installation. That is my final goal at least.

My set up is like this: SSD booting Raspbian Buster on Pi4, Hassio on top (Docker) [Rpi 4 installation].

At Github, there is this project, “TTS Bluetooth Speaker for Home Assistant” [https://github.com/pkozul/ha-tts-bluetooth-speaker]. There is also a great tutorial on how to set it up.

One of the steps is to create the file [PATH_TO_YOUR_HOME_ASSSISTANT]/scripts/pair_bluetooth.sh and add content to it. My only problem is that I do not understand where to start looking. Where do I find [PATH_TO_YOUR_HOME_ASSSISTANT]?

This is the output for sudo find / -type d -name "scripts" in a terminal for my Pi (SSH):

What is [PATH_TO_YOUR_HOME_ASSSISTANT] in my case?

That should be the HA config dir, i think.
Take a look in Dev Tools/info

If there’s no script folder, create it.

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