Which user is running Hassio on top of Raspbian Buster on Pi4?

Like many others, I am trying to set up a bluetooth speaker with my home assistant installation. That is my final goal at least. But for now, I am not even close.


My set up is like this: SSD booting Raspbian Buster on Pi4, Hassio on top of that (https://community.home-assistant.io/t/rpi-4-installation/123514/87). (“On top” are the words used in the guide.)

At Github, there is this project, “TTS Bluetooth Speaker for Home Assistant” [https://github.com/pkozul/ha-tts-bluetooth-speaker]. There is also a great tutorial on how to set it up.

Unfortunately, I believe I am missing something because when I try to follow the instructions, and run a certain command, sudo adduser homeassistant pulse-access, in the Pi terminal (via SSH) I get an unwanted result:

adduser: The user homeassistant’ does not exist.`

I believe that there is something I do not understand here. Which user is running homeassistant on my Pi?

If you’re running HASSIO (as it used to be called), then Home Assistant is running as ROOT in docker. You don’t need to add any users to any groups for it to work.

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