Why can I no longer call scripts in Scenes?

I spent over 3 hours converting my scenes that used transitions over to using scripts to do the transitions with the last update to make them functional again. Tonight I upgraded and learned that I can no longer call scripts in scenes? Why was that changed? I wasted 3 hours making things work again only to have that work ruined with this update.

How am I supposed to get my lighting transitions to work now? I have automations that call scenes to brighten lights over time, and they can no longer function in the way I want them to, in the organization I want them to.

I generally am an easy going person, and hard to push towards frustration, but this has got me scratching my head.

My automations are simple to follow because I used scenes to call my most common setups, and used scripts to do my most common transitions. How in gods green earth do I do this now?

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Use scripts instead like I said in the other thread.

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What purpose do scenes have then? Seems to me that they are pretty useless now if every “scene” I want to have with smooth transitions must be scripts.

Not to mention that my entire organization of my setup is absolutely trashed . I had scripts controlling the transitions for my lights, and scenes changing the state of non transitioning entities that are then called in a multitude of automations

I have a script that dims my family room lights to 50% This gets called in about 10 scenes.
Within those 10 scenes I have different entities that change state
say 1. has living room lights off but kitchen and dining lights on, but setting the family room to 50%
and 2. has living room lights on, but kitchen and dining off with the family room lights to 50%

So if I decide that I want the family room lights to transition to say 25% instead of 50%, its a one time change, I don’t have to go and change a bunch of stuff to get them all to reflect the change, I just change one script.

It makes it easy to make adjustments to the amount of transition and affect ALL scenes that call that script regardless of the other entities that are changing states within each scene.

Basically being able to reuse scrips within multiple scenes, and then calling different scenes within different automations. So, I would not have to go through a bunch of automations to update something that may happen within a script or a scene. It was making modifications a breeze to do.

This change makes no logical sense to me. I understand scripting a change, but not allowing those scripts to be called in a scene, just does not make sense. What if you want your scene to smoothly transition say in a romantic setting, Lets take a romantic dinner scene. You want two things to happen, switches to turn off, and lights to transition to a dim state. Well, that only leaves using a script as an option, if you do it through scenes, you are going to get a very abrupt change in lighting. So scenes are useless.

I know I am rambling, but this is very very frustrating to me.

A script can still call another script. Just convert the scene to a script.

Scenes… well the idea is you set lights etc how you like them and you add those entities to a scene and the scene will store the current state for those entities so you can restore that scene… without transitions…

Just edit your scenes and make them scripts… yes a PITA but a once off. And yeah… I was annoyed as well but my philosophy is to roll with the punches and even if I don’t understand/like it, theres probably a good reason for the change. But ranting and fighting is unlikely to change anything and even if it does eventually change… you’re better off just adjusting now. Most of these major architecture changes seem to be done now anyway. There was already a long thread about this when 0.101.x was released. Even Balloob posted about it so my takeaway is it’s not changing.

I have already started to convert everything, Its going to take me a LONG time.

Every other change I just went with, but this one literally screws up 3 years of setup. I just find it very frustrating.

I view it this way
Scripts: The development of change IE lights going from 100% to 50%, TTS talking, Audio playing or
changing. Something that would include the motion from one state to another.
Scenes: the expression of the way you would like things to look. Which to me would include the motion
from the called scripts to get to that look.

I seriously do not see what scenes are for now when it can all be done in scripts.

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It will make it way easier for less technical people to restore status of multiple devices without any YAML knowledge or use… It’s a dummies/version 1 requirement. Scripts are for more advanced users.

I agree it’s frustrating!

it seems like this is also the case for scenes that call other scenes

I just stumbled across the same problem and found the scene.apply service. If you like the compact syntax of scenes, but need to do more fancy stuff, you can use this service to (1) keep the code simple and (2) reduce the number the of entities in your system.

@Noahma A bit off topic… but could you post or PM a sample of those transition scripts? been trying to get that kind of setup to work as well but haven’t found a way that I’m completely happy with, your sounds good.

Sorry I missed your reply. I’ll try to get one together in a bit.

Here ya go.

This one brings my family lights up over 8 seconds. I have some specific scripts that I call within several different automations.

  alias: Family Book Shelf Lights Full
  - data:
      brightness: 255
      entity_id: light.family_room
      transition: 8
    service: light.turn_on
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