Wifi Gosund plug

Im wondering if anyone has wifi plugs like THIS working with HA? I would like a simple on/off button .These plugs are controlled by the Smart Life app. There seems to be a number of similar plugs from other companies that all use the same Smart Life app.


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so I found out that you can use to Tuya app which the Smart Life app is based on. From there just add the Tuya component into Home Assistant. I wish you could just the the Smart Life app but it seems there is no integration with that app.

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In a bit more detail, what I did was:

  1. Walk through: http://www.thesmarthomehookup.com/tuya-convert-walk-through-february-2019/
    (needs a rasp pi, open physical LAN port (with dhcp), and an hour of setup)

  2. Connect by browser to the IP address of the flashed plug that I saw my DHCP server give out (or ARP it, or “Net Analyzer” iOS App (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/network-analyzer-pro/id557405467) also shows a sonoff-XXXX hostname)

  3. Configure->Configure MQTT : to what your LAN MQTT server is already

  4. Configure -> Configure Module

  5. If there’s no Gosund WP3 Module Type, select “Generic (18)” and save to cause a reboot

  6. After the reboot, it will show sufficient options to set pins (per @meingraham: https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/issues/4976#issue-400951899 )

  7. GPIO4 -> Button1(17)

  8. GPIO12 -> Led1i(56)

  9. GPIO13 -> Led2i(57)

  10. GPIO14 -> Relay1(21)

If you don’t let it reboot after change to Generic(18), , it won’t let you set all the GPIO pins

Finally, my config in HA looks like:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Sonoff"
    state_topic: "stat/sonoff/RESULT"
    value_template: "{{ value_json.POWER }}"
    command_topic: "cmnd/sonoff/POWER"
    availability_topic: "tele/sonoff/LWT"
    qos: 1
    payload_on: "ON"
    payload_off: "OFF"
    payload_available: "Online"
    payload_not_available: "Offline"
    retain: false

I’ve confirmed: it’s all local communication, no cloud polling, really nothing across my internet gateway at all as I toggle things on and off in HA and at the physical switch. This means that if I have an automation like “power-cycle the router when HA cannot ping amazon.com”, the “turn on” part of that bound will still work because it doesn’t need the gateway router online to send the signal to power on the router.

These are awesome little plugs, only $8/ea if in a 4-pack at $32.


I can confirm that the Tuya component works for me with a Gosund wp3 that was registered with Smart Life Android app.

        username: $EMAIL
        password: !secret smart_life_pwd
        country_code: 1
        platform: smart_life
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Can the same instructions be used for a HASS.IO installation?
and typing

git clone https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-conver

you get queried for a password…

@BitViper, thanks a lot, this worked perfectly for me and I’m using the SmartLife app on iOS 13. The only difference is my username line looks like this.

    username: !secret sl_username

Also as a note for anyone that needs it when searching for the switch in the states page it showed up like this



Would these work straight out of the box? Including power monitoring.

Gosund SP1

Thank you!


If you’re willing to switch to mqtt, the Gosund were flawless/smooth in converting, and with a local-only control channel, I can use it to bounce my internet gateway (bonehead isp hardware — I actually have a “bounce internet” HASS script that I can trigger through homekit :slight_smile: )

I am using hass.io (3.12) and I can confirm as @HarlemSquirrel that it is working. I added the plugs in the android smart life app and used the tuya block as described above. Works perfectly.

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@Hackmett that’s awesome as a drop-in, but is that a cloud service or a local-polling service?

In addition to there assumption that latency is reduced, I went to the tasmota/mqtt route so I could both turn off and turn on my internet-facing cable modem. Can’t turn it back on if it drops your internet link. Maybe this solution is better. Do you have time to confirm whether the Gosund still does as directed with your internet down?

(I still haven’t reflashed an in-wall tuya – bit too gunshy/scared yet)

Does anyone know, have these started shipping with the new firmware that disabled tuya-convert yet? How easy/difficult are they to open, and does anyone know what formfactor ESP8266 they run?

Confirmed the Smart Life app workaround w/ a Tuya component still works for the GoSund 3-way, single pole, and dimmer switches.

thanks, guys Tuya component worked for me.

Confirmed that tuya-convert and a flash to Tasmota 9.1 firmware worked today on a few smart plugs. I chose 9.1 in order to use the Tasmota integration with MQTT enabled.

Hey guys can anyone confirm that the tuya component also shows the voltage/amps/watts in HA for these plugs?

Hi, yes, I’ve used tuya-convert to convert 6 of the Gosund UP11 smart switches to tasmota, All bought in the past month from Amazon UK. The default version of Tasmota installed during the process works fine with MQTT.

i bought the gosound plugs a 2 pack like orginal post i tried to follow these steps… when it do the getting the gosound flashing blue my cell is connected… i press Enter to start… it trys… gosound turns Red… and the cell phone keeps reconnecting each time it resets… it says smartconfig complete… retrying in… and does this ten times or so
and then prints
Device did not appear with the intermediate firmware
Check the *.log files in the scripts folder
Do you want to try flashing another device? [y/N]

am i doing something wrong in this setup to try to get it to configure? also the gosound has his own webserver Smart things and

do i need to change anything?


I had a few problems until I got the sequence and timing right. My iPhone kept reverting to my house wifi signal so moving away from a strong house wifi signal seemed to solve that for me. Unless the laptop and the phone were solid on the wifi from the plug, it failed.

This works for me too, but I don’t want to use the cloud.

I have forbidden the sockets in my router to connect to the Internet.

Then it still works without problems via the app. The app I have also banned in the smartphone firewall access to the Internet.

But if I use HA, it tells me that the socket is off.

Is there any way to switch it via HA as well… otherwise I change it.

How can I use the current measurement function via HA?

Are there any recommended WLAN sockets that work without cloud but still with HA and have a current measurement function?

I would like to do the following scenario: When the washing machine is off, send me a message…

I just allocated the switches with fixed ip addresses, and then in my router blocked the range of ip addresses from accessing the internet (no LAN to WLAN access). Tasmota and MQTT.