WTH Can’t I use HomeKit secure video?

I’d like to have my home assistant install be the center of my smart home. I currently don’t utilize home assistant for my camera’s because of the lack of HSV support. WTH is exposing cameras to homekit supported but HSV functionality missing?

I agree, but you can use scrypted for example to do this.

My whole point is that I don’t want to rely on other solutions but just on my HA install :wink:.

I’m currently not able to use some of my cameras in HA without losing HKSV support. I’d love to route them through HA first, be able to do things with the feed in HA, and not having to give up HKSV support.

You can piggyback from scrypted to HA (use the standard rebroadcast option).
This way you have HKSV and your cams in HA
I run it for months like this

I recently published a Scrypted addon, if you’re interested. Unfortunately it doesn’t support ingress because it’s a SPA with expectations (e.g. that it lives at the root of the domain), and it’s impossible to turn off authentication so you need to login separately — mostly this is just a way to run Scrypted on the same hardware as HAOS.



Hey Kenny Im new to HA and scrypted, how would one go about using the rebroadcast option to get that into HA. Thanks

Quiete simple actually:

go to the Scrypted admin page, and go to you camera details. Select the stream you want to pull into HA (i use stream_Profille000 - but you can use another one (a lower resolution)). At the botom you will find a link to the rebroadcast stream.

Then simply add a new camera integration in HomeAssistant (generic camera) and use that link as the source (pay attention, the first field is the source for still images, so enter the stream link in the second filed).
Works out of the box for me

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There is already a “feature request” for this @ Secure Video support for HomeKit component
But I agree that this is A WTH!

Great feature and pretty cool! Thanks for the hint!