WTH can we not include and exclude entities for the recorder using the UI

There is no settings menu at the moment for the recorder in home assistant. A dedicated settings page to set number of days to record and what entities to include or exclude from the recorder in the UI would be a nice fix for this.

Agreed. In a way this UI already almost exists too. The UI for configuring cloud that is used for selecting which entities to include/exclude from Google/Alexa serves a similar purpose.


and also show what is taking up the space, so you can disable a device thats fill up the DB to quickly, or look in to why that one device is “spamming” the DB


Not thought of this but great idea. I have some stuff excluded in configuration.yaml, but on occasion I want to look at history for debugging purposes. I usually give up because I can’t be bothered editing config and going through two restarts.

I voted for this. This should be very easy to be implemented and greatly increase the functionallity of HA without the need to edit from the config

Fwiw this was a pretty popular WTH last time too. Definitely would still like to see it happen:


It was almost done:


I think fixing the backend should be pretty easy. But to present and make it usable in a good way in frontend is probably a different ball-game.

Yes, please! I’d love to make my guide obsolete: How to keep your recorder database size under control


Absolutely this. In fact, I’d love to have a single list of all entities in settings, with each entity having a checkbox for each of the integratons in use that takes include/exclude lists. For example recorder, logbook, influxdb, homekit, all in one place. Like this:

              Recorder  Logbook  InfluxDB  HomeKit
sensor.abc       X         X         X
sensor.xyz       X                   X        X

Right now it’s tedious and error-prone to have to check and update multiple locations in the config files.


Good idea, could also add current database records to that view on the end also.