WTH can't we fix recorder data easily using the UI (dev-tools section) - single data points + mass- changes?

“If I would have one wish free, that would be… Allow correcting database entries using the UI

The current option of fixing single statistic entities values is nice, but not enough at all.

Your total energy usage sensor had a hiccup and substracted/added some megawatts a few days ago and now your energy dashboard is totally broken?
Well, have fun with one of the guides listed below. Grab some coffee and say goodbye to your friends and family for the next few hours (better to reserve half of the day).

I meanwhile spent at least something like 15 to 20 hours in total of firing SQL select and update statements at the database to fix stuff in states, statistics and statistics_short_term tables - for good reasons (because the alternative would always have been to live with completely wrong data like forever). But switching to the dark side (doing operations “on the open heart”, the database) is quite very risky.

A safe (because pre-defined / guided) way of editing single data points and doing mass changes as well would be so great. No need for speaking SQL, no need for spending hours, no need for living with false data because it’s too complicated to fix.

The UI is really lacking support for this. Maybe just put it in the dev-tools section so normal users not knowing what they do don’t accidentally play around with it?

Few starting points / further helpful information including existing feature requests (some only focus on deleting stuff while I’m talking about editing/changing data):

Correction of data:

Deleting data easily:

Can you please please please search before creating these? This is the second or third of yours in the past 2 hours that are duplicates.

Wth are first come first serve. We don’t want to have 8 wth splitting votes.

Sorry for that. Reason why:

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That’s what I always did sir.

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In the wth section, click the spyglass, select the wth topic and then click search.

Alright. I put my bets on the automatic topic search function when creating a new topic, which COULD do the same (if its search results would be limited to the section I already have selected before - not very intuitive…). No advanced additional search. But I’m done with everything that came to my mind anyway :smiley:

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