WTH do we have Energy dashboard and no Water dashboard?

+1 pls give us a water dashboard

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There are other threads with the same request (or very close)


WTH is this architecture (Add water/fluids to available device classes · Issue #697 · home-assistant/architecture · GitHub) issue still unanswered? :wink:

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I don’t yet know how to get my water usage statistics (thanks to my town’s technology choices) – but when I do, I assume they would go right next to gas and power.


I voted for the feature request to rename the Energy to Utilities dashboard (most/all features would apply to utility meters):


I think the energy dashboard should be renamed to utilities since it can already do electricity and gas and then just add water to it and maybe internet since internet is also a utility.

under internet it can test internet connection and speed etc


Yep, well said.


Yes, this sounds great. We’ve already the speedtest integration for this. And for water there are a lot of options as well. Also pricewice. Great idea.

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+1 “Utilities” covering metering/tracking all Utility consumption usage of Electricity, Gas, Heating, Water, Internet, Telecom/Phonebills, Garbage/household-waste disposal, and also other consumable “public utility” resources with services fees based on usage that adds to the total monthly costs for a household, and that monthly cost of utilities is what I personally would like to track in such dashboards.

Please also see existing feature request → https://community.home-assistant.io/t/rename-the-energy-dashboard-to-utilities-to-make-it-include-readings-for-all-public-utility-resources-including-electricity-gas-heating-and-water/338847

Please consider renaming the Energy dashboard to “Utility” to cover the consumption of all utilities delivered by any utility service/company and not make it limited to only management of power and energy meters but also include other public utility consumables such as Electricity, Gas, Heating, and Water metering.

What is wanted is a dashboard with capability of tracking all consumption of public utilities, inc. energy.

The utility meter integration in Home Assistant already provides functionality to track consumptions of various utilities (e.g., energy, gas, water, heating) so it is technically not strictly limited to “energy”.

In the future maybe it will even include categories for other services that have consumption meter and tariffs cost when they require public infrastructure, like communication systems (telephone and internet service).

See example for example Ireland’s government web page listing “utilities” which include; Gas, Electricity, Water, Household waste disposal (both communal sewage and garbage/trash-bin pickup), Telecom/Phone-service, and Internet Provider Services.


yes… add it and dont call it waterboarding :slight_smile:


Yeah please, a consumption dashboard.

Also for heating, i have heating meters which do not count consumables (fluids or gas or so), they just measure how much heating is used, i want to include that too.

Also we need an option to input these data by hand :slight_smile:

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Looking at a bunch of the other WTH, the energy dashboard architecture could probably use some upgrading besides just renaming.

WIth the current db schema it is a real kludge to go back and back fill or correct data.

If you don’t have realtime consumption monitoring at the utilitiy level, the current dashboard isn’t that useful, even if you have individual devices monitored.

I like the idea of including heating usage in the dashboard as the current implementation is hidden in the graphs/attributes in the climate platform.

Not sure how water usage is measured, but turning energy into utilities makes sense to me

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I love the idea to add multiple sources like water, gas etc. But I would like to be able to track and see individual devices cost as well. In my case I use the P1/HAN port to get import/export energy in total but I have induvial devices like my electric car, house energy and heat pump and I could add more as I have energy measures on some devices. Today I have created a separate dashboard for water consumption/ cost and induvial devices, but would be nice to have in one location.

I’m not a programmer but if someone wants testing done or I can help in any other way please let me know :slight_smile:

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I have seen this topic pop up so many times… my view in the past was energy is energy being Gas or electricity… but WTH if everyone would like water it cant hurt… rename it utility and add water… done.

In terms of energy, I would like to mention oil, gas canisters and wood-chip-burners. Also, these forms of energy don’t flow into the home, but are instead delivered in bulk, stored on-site and then used locally. The basic principle is still the same for tracking use and cost, but they do add the idea of ‘a remaining amount before a new order needs to be placed to replenish stock’.

I would expand one level higher though and just monitor “Resources”. The general idea that covers most people’s requirements is to track what comes into the home and how it’s being used (and usually therefore how much it costs).

Resources are hierarchical too. So the root level would be the Home and then sub-levels could be created for say Heating => Kitchen Heating => Room Heating | Cooking.

The levels should be considered views rather than fixed containers e.g. a level called Heating could sit with another called Electricity, but each could share sensor data as required.

Resource monitoring can also be used for checking things e.g. comparing electricity-in at the main meter with the total of energy meters on sockets. In other words, the model should be aware that sometimes there is more than one sensor for measuring the same resource from a different angle - a green light means they all correlate and a red one means something is off an needs investigation.

Finally, a resource monitor goes way beyond monitoring energy - it obviously covers water, but also things like petrol for a car or mower, pet food, total cost of running a hot tub (e.g. heating the water and the cost of a sterilising agent), etc.

I literally just requested this. Please add this so we can show our home’s total consumption of resources.

Would be cool to be able to see the price for different things in the tab as well. I use Nordpool to get the electric price for next coming 24h and it’s released at 13:00(1pm) every day so the graph showing the price needs to be at least 48h. Could also be cool if one could get the X lowest price/highest price displayed in a nice maner :smiley: Something like below image:



Created a separate item for this WTH: Cost for Monitor individual devices

@wenestvedt Even though it says Gas Consumption you can still add you water meter data to this dashboard. As long as you water data is in m3