WTH Energy dashboard improvements

I have proposal for some small but big improvements on energy dashboard. With this improvements I think that energy dashboard would be even more user friendly and much more useful than it’s now.

Many users have only shelly 3 EM as outgoing data for enery grid and only incoming data from SolarEdge. In that case there is no calculation of own solar production in % (marked with red color). This should be fixed.
Via PC:

Via phone:

2: MISSING kWh on the top of “Monitor individual devices” screen.
On computer this is somehow managable, but on phone it is not trasparent, as you must scrool way down to se how many kWh the device used. And yea, screen would be OK if you would have 4 to 5 monitor devices… but in my case… no go…

Via PC:

Via phone:

How it should look on PC:

How it should look on phone:

3: New BAR calculation of devices + SUM of complete consumption + Solar production (if any)

This info would be great because you could see how many consumption in “kWh” and in percentage (%) is not monitored, also you could see consumption in other way as now, for probably not only me much better view…

My example / proposal:

I hope that you like proposals and improvements…

Also take in mind that in case of point 3 this info would be great because you could easily know if there would be any new heavy consumption device added to the house grid - this would reflect as unkown source consumption…

Energy Dashboard, should as well include a more feature like:
-Wind turbine
-Other source of green energy
-Electric Car charger
-Water consumption House & Garden
-Grey Water (in my country is calculated by subtraction House mater - Garden mater)

-Actual utility in Current Hour of “Energy”

I used this dashboard to check the cost of my utility,

After added this feature of course it canot be named energy dashboard anymore.


Probably water consumption etc… would be better in new “energy” like dashboard…
But I agree with you regarding wind turbine etc… completly…

Possibility to create several “Devices energy graph (deg)” in the “Energy Card (ec)”, choosing different entities
For example create a (deg) with entities that are predicted to have low daily energy values. Create another (deg) with entities that are predicted to have high daily energy values. What happens is that if we mix them all up, the scale adjusts and the low values have a bar that is almost invisible because there are entities that have very high values. It would be a great help to me.

Add energy cost to left on every individual devices. Same way as in the Sources view in energy page
Ok this was already in different tread WTH!? - Why can't we see electricity cost for individual entities in Energy dashboard?

hm… I just came across this…
To be honest - while there are sensors that calculate the “self consumption” from your solar, the Energy Dashboard does this calculation on its own.

Here’s an example of my configuration:

  1. SolarEdge - Production
    → you should have this information from your inverter

  2. SolarEdge - Export
    → this is the information your Shelly should provide, according to your information

  3. SolarEdge - Import
    → This should also come from your Shelly - if it can measure both directions (import / export)…

I would think, that the shelly 3M should be able to measure the energy in both directions (outgoing [export] and incomming [import])…
Then, you should be able to get the solar-production percentage.

If you DO have solaredge, the question is, why you are using a Shelly 3M for getting the export to the grid?

SolarEdge integration should be able to provide all relevant information.
If you are using the default SolarEdge integration, which does get the information from the API… as far as I know, iven this should be able to get the right data - although, I would consider the modbus integration as an alternative method :slight_smile:

I do not get consumption from SolarEdge device, probably because I do not have metering device in SolarEdge device, so from SolarEdge I got only production data. For consumption data I use Shelly 3EM.
Simple as that.
I use native SolarEdge integration + TCPIP Modbus integration.


So, for me this is the only way to combine data… That’s my situation and many others also, so beause of that this was the proposal as it was…


One thing I really want to be added to the energy dashboard is to set a custom year. So you can easily enter your energy contact start date and end date and get a button in the year, month, week, and day statistics to show you your contract year consumption. I would love to compare my yearly contact consumption whit the data in HA.

My respect to everyone who worked on this beautiful program.

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I agree… that would be good… for everybody who gets installation done in the middle of year - so everybody :grin:

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I also need this

I am using the Energy dashboard and graphs and currently have a home battery and solar PV installed. I can also see my grid import and export via current transformers connected to my EV charger or home battery.

However, I am waiting for my remote wind generation to go online via Ripple Energy. Things are looking good for developing a HA integration to the Ripple Energy API, which would allow be to better analyse my electricity production and use over time and to better synchronise my electricity of consumption in ‘real-time’.

What I would like to do is add the (remote) wind generation reading to my Energy dashboard, but currently the only form of home generation that appears to be supported is ‘Solar Panels’. At the moment the only way I can do this is to pretend that my remote wind generation (when it comes online) is solar production.

There may be other users our there who have other forms of on-site generation e.g. micro-hydro, micro-wind, or who will be buying into remote generation schemes such as Ripple Energy (for those who don’t know, Ripple Energy build wind farms and solar parks here in the UK, which are owned by a cooperative of consumers i.e. I own part of a commercial size wind farm and benefit from a proportion of the power generated.

There may be other users our there who have other forms of on-site generation e.g. micro-hydro or micro-wind, or who will be buying into remote generation schemes such as Ripple Energy.

I think that we need the ability to add other types of generation to the Energy dashboard i.e. to replace the ‘Solar Panels’ area with a more generic ‘Electricity Production’ area, and to have the ability to add electricity production entities of type ‘solar’, ‘wind’ and ‘hydro’.

What I would like to see is some kind of view (much like OP suggested on point three) where we could determine if some consumption is part of another consumption.

For example, I have energy meter plug between my 6-device extension cord and wall outlet. Then I have two more energy meter plugs on that extension cord. So, the first energy meter shows energy consumption of ALL devices on that extension cord (including two devices with separate energy meter plugs and four other devices), and two others measure the consumption of those individual devices. But naturally I cannot just add three consumptions together in this case :slight_smile:

As you can see in new opened theme there is also problem if you want to change input values for consumption or production in the middle of year… all data is mixed-up…

So my proposal would be that when let’s say entity for production or consumption is removed from energy dashboard that you can set date/time to which values are used and also that when new entity for production or consumption is added that there is also date/time from which entity data is used…

In that case we could simply change entity for production etc… because old entity would be set to some specific date/time to which values is used and new entity would use data from this point ahead…