WTH Simple Timer/Scheduler

I have tons, dozens of automations to switch on/off lights, switches, scripts, scenes, automations etc, set the temperature (danfoss thermostats at winter or AC on summer), at certain time of the day, day of the week. It’s annoying, unreadable, easy to mistake, time consuming, U name it… It’s most common, obvious automations that should be easy, fast, transparent and easy to manage.
Example: U choose Your device, add timer/scheduler, and in a new window we have checkboxes with day, on, off, chose a time, for how long if you like to, set the temperature etc… Plain and easy even for our wifes or parents.

Have you tried to look at scenes? I have setup scenes for different times of day and then use automations to activate the scene at the time of day.

Keep an eye on this:

This is worth taking a look at as well HA Scheduler Addon

As well as this one:

You’re spoiled for choice really.

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You’ve totally missed my point…

I know that there are addons and custom components. Some are pretty neat, but it is not native solution which I believe is this Heck for.


The first one I linked to is now an integration available in the UI.

" This is a custom component for Home Assistant, that is used for controlling your existing devices based on time. It works nicely together with the Lovelace scheduler card."

Totally agree with this issue. Should be easier then it is today. I have a water heater and made an automation trying to simulate a schedulle, it it is not so easy, especially when whe join time of the day and temperature. And I don,t really like to use “time pattern” in the trigger of automations.

For now I Will take a look to some of the replies here(didnt know all of them). But I think too that this should be HA native.


No, I didn’t, I was trying to offer a work around. I voted for your suggestion

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schedy is a fantastic solution but, that a scheduler for a system that is all about automations should be part of the core is a no brainer WTH.

I think the reason this keeps coming up, despite the fact that there are various solutions that could conceivably fill the gap, is that there is a difference between an automation and what’s being asked for.

We put a lot of effort into making our Lovelace dashboards intuitive so that others don’t need a manual to perform simple tasks, but at the moment, the tools to make schedules intuitive and simple do not exist. Some custom components are getting there, but I think there’s good reason to implement something in core.

An automation is something that happens behind the scenes. It’s something we can use to do clever things that make everyone’s lives a little easier. Turn off the lights when we leave the house. Set the scene when we’re watching TV. These are things we set up once and forget about because they are universally desired, work consistently and there’s limited need to expose their function on the frontend.

Scheduling is different. If things are happening automatically based on set times, particularly if they are things that affect the world around you, they should be exposed and presented in a format that’s easy to understand. This is why I think people are desperate for this to be available through Lovelace somehow. Because it shouldn’t be necessary to go digging through a long list of automations to change the set temperature on a thermostat at a given time.


BIG +1 on that. Is there a feature request somewhere? Don’t get me wrong, https://github.com/nielsfaber/scheduler-component is nice, but this should definitely be part of core HA!

Old habits die hard. Despite the incorrect noun it really is an integration:

Step 3: Add integration

In HA, go to Configuration > Integrations. In the bottom right corner, click on the big button with a ‘+’.

If the component is properly installed, you should be able to find the ‘Scheduler integration’ in the list.

Select it, and the scheduler integration is ready for use.

Schedulers are one thing, but a simple “turn this fan off after X arbitrary minutes” is hard or impossible without creating an automation. Even Alexa and Siri can’t do this easily and I just don’t know why.

What you are describing is an automation. That’s why. A pretty simple one to.

  platform: state
  entity_id: switch.fan
  to: 'on'
    minutes: "{{ states('input_number.x_minutes') }}" 
  service: switch.turn_off
  entity_id: switch.fan

No, it’s not. I don’t want to set an automation. That’s why I wrote “arbitrary” and “without automation”. For example, I would need to set a special automation like this for every device. Maybe it could work as a long-press on a switch - to not switch it now, but after a period of time I could set right then and there.

Do something based on some input = automation.

If you want magic you’re in the wrong place.

There is also another custom component built for this purpose: it has a nice UI and is easy to use: Scheduler card/custom component
I’d vote for it to be included as part of standard HA bundle