WTH - Why are there no multiple shopping lists

I’m monitoring from time to time the feature requests regarding the Shopping List Integration. And i can’t understand why we can have only one instance of that integration.

Would be nice to use it also as ToDo Lilst, Shopping List for Ikea, Ebay, Amazon. But insert everything into one list makes it really messy.

So i don’t know if this can be integrated so easy, but there are multiple Feature Requests, where we have no update at all

I dont know the workflow for development but my guess is its not a priority.
I can recommend looking at the grocy addon where you have multiple lists as shopping list, tasks, chores for example.

Never heard about it, but i will have a closer look into it. But would be also nice to have multiple shopping lists inside HA without the need to install an addon.

Also on the first look Grocery is a heavy tool and the shopping list integration is a nice and clean one. Maybe that topic will get more attention due the WTH month

Let’s see :slight_smile:

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Multiple shopping lists (and the ability to rearrange items in them) would be great!

Various workarounds exist, like installing Grocery, but their much too heavy for basic things that I use the shopping list for. I just want to be able to use it as a sticky-note pad essentially. A list of things/tasks/whatever that I can open anywhere and exists inside HA.

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Agree with you. Had a look into Grocy yesterday and also tried it (mobile view too), but it’s too overloaded for me.

I just need the shopping list, which should be possible to integrate multiple times

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I’ll say that grocy is a no-no. I looked into it, and as a cloud service it’s really egregious to me. It seems like it’d be pretty simple to turn the list into a list of lists in the code…

We have a fully local version available as an addon, FYI. (Or you can roll your own docker container for it if you’re just running HA-Core)

I run enough services as it is. A full docker container for a list is rather overkill. Also, venv doesn’t support addons.

Hey folks,

I can put together a quick shopping list api that will allow you to add multiple list and add items to the list. I will need help with integrating that with home assistant though. Let me know if anyone is interested.


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Hi Ash,
i would be interested into that, but i don’t have a clue how to integrate then your custom API into HomeAssistant as i’m not a developer.

But Multiple Shopping List are still on my open list, right now i just have a workaround where i use ToDoIst Lists for such purpose, but an kind of OOTB function inside HA would be nice