WTH, why can I only compare periods in the Energy Dashboard with the previous period?

The Energy Dashboard ‘Compare Data’ view works great, but it’s very limited. When comparing data, I want to be able to compare it to specific periods, not just the last period before the current one. Especially now that the Energy Dashboard has been around for more than a year, it would be awesome to be able to compare months from 2022 to the same months in 2021. Currently there’s no option to do that unfortunately.

A practical example of the usefulness of this suggestion I noticed today.
Yesterday around noon I made a rather big change in my base line energy consumption. To see the effects of that I would like to compare today with the day before yesterday. not yesterday since that was when the change was made mid-day…

Or for gas, as days fluctuate in temperature, we can either create a degree day functionality (complex)

or compare to last year on a larger timeframe… (e.g. november last year vs november this year)

Maybe it wpuld be sensible in this scope to also show if the entities even have data for a selected period.

E.g. when you display “month” and an entity was only added 3 weeks ago, the data still shows as month and the user does not know that data is missing.

Not sure if this is useful to anybody else, so just an idea.

another example;
an energy contract for one year that starts in March, you want to compare March till March of this contract year with the previous contract year.


Same as: WTH Expand energycards yaml so in custom dashboard they can easily display a "week" or "month" and "last year's month" etc without "Energy date picker" - #2 by HAuserSince2019


Yes we need functions like yearoveryear (YoY) or Monthovermonthlastyear…

Any progress on that? In 2023/3 still the same and useless.

Same here, I need to compare daily consumption between July 2023 and 2022, not the whole month.

Same here. Would be really great to be able to have this feature.
Can we make this a feature request?