WTH - Why do I have to set up templates to convert units?

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I am implementing a Netatmo Anemometer to measure wind. The Netatmo app lets its users choose what units they want to display the data in (km/h, m/s, miles/h, Beaufort or Knots).
But in HA, I have to set up a template sensor to convert the data??
I guess this could be fixed using an option in the Lovelace card? Or maybe even the Netatmo API lets HA check what units the user has chosen!?

Yes please! Convert data directly in Lovelace

While I 100% want this, I have to point out that would require major changes. Especially if we wanted units to change on an individual sensor basis. Essentially each sensor would need ‘user units’, ‘input units (from hardware)’, and a conversion equation for this to work. Maybe this could make it easier to implement…

Edit: There’s also this. Seems a bit easier but it would require some very specific unit types.