WTH: Why header so unnecessarily big?

100%. I previously made this feature suggestion here.

It would be great to have it default to being more compact and not wasting all that space.


I second this request. We have this amazing Lovelace UI but this still archaic top bar. If it was up to me get rid of it completely now that we have multiple dashboards I don’t even need tabs.

mutliple dashboards suck on mobile, tabs are way better. Unless you build a series of buttons to navigate through your UI. I’ve done that and it works OK… but there’s no easy way to get from a nested location back to the root.

Agreed, I was just stating that because we now have different dashboards users don’t have to rely on just tabs. So if someone wants to create a dashboard without tabs that they will use on tablet and desktop they should be able to :slight_smile:

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I think a built in kiosk mode is also a great addition. As long as it’s a per-dashboard-setting.
So you can e.g. have your default dashboard with tabs and an additional dashboard in kiosk mode for a tablet on the wall or something like this.

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I’ve just found out that Mayker now stopped maintaining the Custom Header. The project will be archived in the next few days :frowning:


Just wanted to add an extra vote for more flexibility concerning the header.
We have 2 kiosks at home and if custom header is no longer working those will look horrible.


I hope HA can add some simple customization options for the header soon now that we have “lost” Custom Header component.

Thank you!

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I added my vote for this a while back but posting here again to help with visibility of this Feature Request.
The Flattened Header Junkies no longer have our Custom Header “fix” and we’re already going through withdrawal. :weary:


If only we could hide the header entirely… thats all I really need!

card mod it away, there’s posts floating around with the syntax

Thanks! Good to know for now, I’ll look for this workaround with card-mod. But in true “WTH” spirit, I still think this should be baked in, not hacked.


I’m here to support the idea of integrating the most important features of CH into HA Core!
I personally think the option of having a smaller Header should be a priority now that CH is not available anymore as a solution, as well as a “footer mode”.


I will also join. The whole look at the tablet on the wall is degraded by the big header that takes up space and I think it should be customizable


FYI - for those looking, this comment has the card-mod code to get the custom-header look:

Following up while playing with this.

First, I set the “always hide sidebar” setting for the tablet user. Then I just wanted to remove the top bar entirely. With car-mod themes, this was easy using:

  card-mod-theme: amoled
  card-mod-root: |
    app-header {
      display: none;

…in the amoled theme I’m using. Reloaded themes using the service. Completely removes the top bar, including the slide out icon for the drawer. Important to do it in this order, otherwise you wont see the drawer to be able to click on the user icon…to hide the side bar.

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I also made another alt config, just so people know:


@KTibow Thank you very much! I’ll try that later today (temporarily - luckily CH still works so far).
But I still hope that the compact header will be native some day :wink:

Oh yes! :tada: :heart_eyes:


This is great! Any idea what update it will be in? 0.117.0 or later?