WTH: Why header so unnecessarily big?

The original HA header is very big and unnecessarily needs a lot of space. I’m using the custom_component “Custom Header”, but that needs additional load time - especially on mobile (first original header appears, then it disappears and leaves full height empty space - and only after that the compact header appears and the height gets reduced - so a lot of flickering and jumping on the screen).

I think at least the basic “compact mode” function of Custom Header should be build in with Home Assistant - so that means:

  • only the height of the view-names/-icons for the whole header
  • no title
  • no empty space left/right
  • no chevrons (most users know how many views they have - without the chevrons you get more on one screen on mobile)

On mobile:

On Desktop:

EDIT: Now that Custom Header is not supported anymore, this WTH is even more important.

I second this!


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Custom Header sadly adds at least 2 seconds for me on each load (older Samsung phone). But without it takes to much space of the small screen.
Native compact header would be the best solution. It could be a user or theme setting.

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Would love to have custom header functionality in vanilla HA. Load times are a killer when you’ve got a kiosked tablet and are waiting to turn something on/off.


Yeah custom header is nice, but doesn’t fit well with the features of the header. (and can break) I know this header is standard polymer etc. but it is large.

Maybe if the header was reworked so it works with a single row. I don’t know how many people care about the name of their view in the header, so it could be as simple as moving the tabs to there and that halves the space taken


In my case, I have three HA instances (Home, Work and Home Backup to bridge the time, Home HA is rebooting [I think I can remove that one soon]) which I distinguish with different header colors. So even with multiple HA instances, the name in the header is not compulsory needed for everyone.

same here, and I do like the name in the header to distinguish one from the other. Must say I dont experience the enormous lag in loading using the fabulous CH, which I have setup even with multiple dashboards on the main rig. Those non-default dashboard do require some extra loading time, but I think that is HA itself, and not CH.

If you really need some extra visual difference between the tabs of your multiple HA instances use Favicon, to be able to use dedicated color for the icon on you devices, and have the name of the instance prevail in your browser tabs.

But yeah, a core compact header would be nice to have. +1

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In any case the compact header should be optional. I edited my last comment to clear it up:
“[…] the name in the header is not compulsory needed for everyone
I’m sure that many people rely on the name in the header.

Thank you, I already use that one :+1: I changed the favicon to the color of the header.

100%. I previously made this feature suggestion here.

It would be great to have it default to being more compact and not wasting all that space.


I second this request. We have this amazing Lovelace UI but this still archaic top bar. If it was up to me get rid of it completely now that we have multiple dashboards I don’t even need tabs.

mutliple dashboards suck on mobile, tabs are way better. Unless you build a series of buttons to navigate through your UI. I’ve done that and it works OK… but there’s no easy way to get from a nested location back to the root.

Agreed, I was just stating that because we now have different dashboards users don’t have to rely on just tabs. So if someone wants to create a dashboard without tabs that they will use on tablet and desktop they should be able to :slight_smile:

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I think a built in kiosk mode is also a great addition. As long as it’s a per-dashboard-setting.
So you can e.g. have your default dashboard with tabs and an additional dashboard in kiosk mode for a tablet on the wall or something like this.

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