WYZE LOCK - Zigbee - Home Assistant - HassIO - HassOS - ZHA integration - Working as expected - remove cloud control

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One word of note, This Integration removes cloud control for the locks from the wyze application

You can still locally control the locks with bluetooth in the app as usual

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this little quirk, it’s good because as much as I like wyze, I hate cloud control. but on the other hand, it was nice having it.

Hello From Wisconsin!

I’d love to go through the step by step guide on how to integrate the Wyze Locks into home assistant.

But I fear this post / guide will be a disappointment, as it was honestly super easy to do.

Requirements for integration

  • Home Assistant with working ZHA integration
  • ZHA working as expected
  • A network of active zigbee devices as the wyze locks are end-point devices, and do not repeat the signal, having an extender / repeater to completely mesh the lock is advisable. For instance, my raspbee2 on my rpi4b, can reach it, but it gets a much better connection doing a couple hops and meshing it instead of directly connecting to it. information on zigbee networking

Steps to integrate the wyze lock into home assistant

  1. Install lock(s?) in door (duh) (you can use the same bridge for more the one lock, but note above the signal quality constraints.)
  2. Pair lock and claim lock in the wyze app as normal, set it up entirely. Also set up your pin pads at this point. Essentially, get it working as expected without home assistant, using only the wyze app.
  3. Once the lock is functional, and keypads are paired, everything is good?
  4. Set your zigbee coordinator into pairing/acceptance mode
  5. Press the pair button on the Wyze lock (one at a time, you can pair more then one lock, to the same coordinator or wyze lock bridge)
  6. Magically, Zha will find it. I’m not sure how, but after about a minute, maybe 2, the ZHA handler coordinator finds my wyze locks.
  7. Rename them (they show up as ford locks)
  8. Enjoy your wyze locks in hass.



wow, this is great!
how long have you been using this?
after integrated in ZHA, what functionalities are exposed on HASS?

I’ve been using it for about a week now. I get 2 sensors, nothing special, and it’s not 100% (I suspect the zha quirks handlers are not picking up all the info from the lock, all in time, I will also be looking at custom devices handlers for the wyze lock in the coming days, as I’d love to know in hass who opened/unlocked the door. It’s a work in progress, but a week in it’s fairly well working as expected, minus a couple small pieces of info, but all in all, it locks, unlocks, and shows the correct status after some amount of update period with zha.

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Thanks for the info. Currently I have wyze contact/motion sensor integrated by insert bridge into the USB of the HASS server, which works fine.

If the locks can be integrated with ZHA (which I do have) and works well, I’m going to buy the wyze locks.

How do you install ZHA quirks? do I need to do the installation each time HASS updated?

The ZHA quirks that include the lock into hass seem to be working without any additional set-up.

I didn’t install or modify any of my settings to get this set-up. I legit just paired it with the already integrated zha network, and they just work as expected. As far as custom devices handlers, I am not sure, I’m just getting started on that journey myself. However, the custom device handlers are not needed for this functionality so no worries there!

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I just installed the Wyze lock this afternoon and can confirm that it is still working working in the Wyze app after connecting it to Home Assistant. There is, as should be expected, a slight delay in the app recognizing when a change is made in HA and a slight delay in the lock performing a task when the command is issued through the Wyze app. However, locks / unlocks are FAST when commands are issued from HA. Lovin it!!!

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Keep in mind, it’s working with bluetooth, not the cloud. At least as far as I can tell. I haven’t done extensive sandbox testing, but when I turn bluetooth off, it no longer connects like it did before in the app. it does take some time to connect fully within the app, but still fully functional, as I said with the bluetooth enabled on your phone. Maybe I’m crazy though, entirely possible.

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Ahhhh… I didn’t think about that! Thanks for the heads up. Makes sense though that it wouldn’t work on zigbee anymore. I am assuming the gateway connects to the lock via Zigbee so when you connect it to the zigbee hub, it disconnects from the gateway. BT must be direct to the lock itself. I’ll unplug the gateway to confirm.

Edit: Well, that didn’t take long. BT is indeed a direct connection. I unplugged the gateway and everything stayed the same. Still works in HA and the Wyze app only controls the lock if BT is turned on. One less device eating up energy now. :slight_smile:

Look at it this way, no more cloud control as well. Like it or not, wyze doesn’t know about your locks now. Aside from your app signaling back, uninstall the app once you have it all set up right and well… ha is now your lock. Zigbee issues be damned I’m in control now and I love it.

I still have cloud control via Nabu Casa so if I have to interact with it while out n about, I can! Don’t need no stinkin’ Wyze Cloud. :slight_smile:

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Ya, exactly what I meant. No more wyze cloud. Nabu casa cloud is all open source, and secure, and private so really, hook it up to alexa, set a pin code for unlocking in the alexa app, and now alexa unlocks your lock without knowing anything about it other then “it’s a lock” “I locked it” ectect

Yup… Already have it set up with Google Assistant, pin setup, kids and partner trained in proper operation. Ready to go!! lol

I even scored bonus PAF / KAF by asking for opinions on how long the auto-lock feature wait time should be. Score one for me!!!

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Since I no longer need the Wyze gateway and I believe it has a zigbee radio in it; I wonder if it can be converted into a zigbee repeater…

I was looking at the same thing, would be nice having another device to mesh too.

Could always try to pair it? Worth a shot, zha is pretty nifty at just picking stuff up it seems.

Holy crap… just read the back of the gateway. It’s an ESP32WROVERB inside.

Tell me more?

Well it probably means it’s a BT gateway instead of a ZB gateway since the ESP32 has built-in BT. But it is possible the ESP32 is connected to a ZB radio. Either way, someone that knows what they are doing could do something interesting with it. Worst case scenario, it could be a base for a DHT sensor.

edit: or could be used with MQTT-ESP32-Room or a number of other DIY projects

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Wait, so…why are the wyze lock zigbee enabled? curious lol, if the gateway is bt (maybe zigbee fallback in case of interference? ) the locks connect with zigbee. very strange indeed. wondering if the bridge is just wifi/bt for the cloud? updates perhaps are not going to come through without it?

I have two of them, I got 2 locks, each came with a hub. Could do some futzing with it. I suppose I’ll try to see if it picks it up on zigbee, as a router? idk, worth a shot, I doubt it but still.

The lock itself has a ZB radio. I unplugged my gateway (it’s on my desk in from of me right now) and my lock is still fully functional through HA. The “good news” (I suppose) is that, if the gateway connects to the lock with BT instead of ZB, then I suppose you could still connect to the lock through the Wyze app when you are out n about. But if that is the case, then why have ZB at all? It’s an unnecessary expense to add the ZB radio if it’s not going to be used. So, even though the gateway is controlled by a chip that has BT built in, there is still a chance that there is also a ZB radio in there that is controlled by the ESP. Another line of though though is that the Wyze lock, just like the original Wyze cam, is a rebranded product made by another company and that product has ZB, so the Wyze product happens to have it too, even though they do not advertise it.