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Wyze sense sensor integrations


Wyze sense sensors are shipping next month and I’d love to add them into my home assistant


I really hope its possible, but the camera’s don’t have any local access that I’ve found.


no rtsp is coming but they need to allow api access. They have said it will work with IFTTT which will allow webhooks but just more latency in my opinion


In the video they mention RF. So I wonder if these could be paired with a Sonoff RF bridge running Tasmota.

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fcc docs show they will be using 900 mhz freq so wondering if rtl433 project with a SDR dongle could sniff the signal.

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all sound like viable options! cant wait to get my hands onthem


After looking at the FCC site… they are based on the TI CC1310 mcu which appears to have the RF front end built-in. The data sheet says it uses a “wM-Bus” for communication so it may not be that difficult to peek at. There are several development boards that could possibly be used for communication as well.

Count me in as excited to get mine… :slight_smile:


they actually a couple days ago released a new beta firmware that enables rtsp streams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPiHs44i0TA

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yep ive been using that!


Just got mine. Motion and contact sensors work well with the wyze app. Haven’t started the journey of HA integration yet, but count me in on the request on both the video and sensor side.


Im thinking the quick way will be using ifttt and webhooks now that they updated ifttt triggers. the longer but local way would be picking up the RF signal


Hope someone make an integration for this


I have two sets and I’m willing to use my modest coding experience to try and tackle this… I have done RF sniffing with 315 and 433 signals with Arduino and RCSwitch library plenty in the past. Anyone feel confident about a receiver/transmitter combo that would be worth testing?


I have a set, and was going to use an RTL SDR dongle to try and sniff. fcc docs say these are 907.8-908.2 MHz so that is where I would start. I’m not sure when I will get the time to do it though!


I just posted a walk through of how I integrated Wyze Sense into HA at the link below.



This is awesome work! I will definitely be checking it out in the meantime. There is still value in being able to direct capture the signature as opposed to going through IFTTT and Node Red. There are a lot of extra hops that could be removed.

Wyzecam integration

Couldnt post a new message, but heres my update:

definitely something in this area with the door sensors… I am an absolute beginner with this program, but it certainly looks like a heartbeat check of some sort back to the hub.


Cleaned up the signal and was able to narrow it down more, LOTS of talking going on around the 907.6, 907.9 and 908.2 frequencies. Seems like this is going to hold the answer.

907.945 seems to be the signal for the door sensors. Opening the app and selecting one causes a blip of activity and when actually triggering one the same frequency lights up albeit with a bit of delay, maybe 2 seconds or so.

907.641 seems to be related to the motion sensors but I am not 100% certain on that yet as it would be outside of the fcc listed frequency and while triggering motion does cause a blip of activity there, its really inconsistent so wholly possible its not the sensor and something totally different. I will keep exploring!


Here we go! Those pulses are the door sensors opening and closing. Still new to this, but I need to figure out how to actually grab those pulses to figure out what they are saying in binary. The Motion sensor also works at the same frequency although with a much longer pulse.

Here is the zoomed in version of just the door sensor pulses:

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This looks promising, keep up the good work!


Would love to have all Wyze products fully integrated into HA.