Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock


Small review Sherlock HomeKit + MQTT


Can’t understand russian. How is the integration with the Xiaomi switch?


esp32 directly from homekit + MQT
or can be through homebridge


Xiaomi unnecessary.


press the phisical button for around 10 seconds


Hi I see you choose GPIO 4. On the same pi3 I need to put 2 keyfob. One is on GPIO 4, where do you suggest the second? Any GPIO?


Any gpio you can use , recently i moved my key fob to esp8266 with my own code , it works like charm , on raspberry with zwave stick its not stable because of power issue , but on my esp8266 it works really well like mqtt door lock , if you are interested i can share my arduino ide code for esp 8266


Yes please. I use it on my raspberry which has a Conbee stick without problems though.


Hi, it would be useful if you could share your esp8266 code.


please find lock for the arduino ide code below , just put your mqtt ip ,username,password , and SSID and password for your SSID.

for homeassistant configuration as below :slight_smile:

  • platform: mqtt
    name: Door Lock
    command_topic: “cmnd/home/door”
    state_topic: “stat/home/door”


Thanks, I don’t have username and password for mqtt, how/what should I put?

I experience instability on my raspberry too (one lock sometimes work sometimes not, second lock never worked


In this line in code remove MQTT_USER and password


It has to be like this if you dont have user and pass for MQTT.


So remove the two line

const PROGMEM char* MQTT_USER = "******";
const PROGMEM char* MQTT_PASSWORD = "*********";

and change this line

if (client.connect(MQTT_CLIENT_ID)) {


Ok, I think I managed all: I uploaded the code (no error), the esp8266 connects to my wifi, the mqtt server receives the connection.

Now on which GPIO of the esp8266 do I connect the cable attached with resistor to the button?

Edit, its the 5.

Works perfectly thank you.

Why is the pi3 not working, any idea?


Raspberry pi has limitations on power for gpio pins, it works but after sometime it stops responding .


Looking at buying this lock, my only concern is if the battery is flat are you locked inside until the battery is charged? Is there a manual way to unlock the door easily without taking it apart?


Manually from the inside it works, although you have the friction of the motor (a bit hard, buit for that single time when battery is down I think its ok). So far I really recommend it, solid hardware, very ingeneous, and with @ahzazou solution its great and much better then using the Sherlock app (which is too slow IMO: open phone, open app, connect to device, slide, unlock lock).

p.s. you could even buy a spare battery, keep it in the drawer, and use it when the installed one is off


Thanks for the insight. Does your door have a latch and a keyhole? Not sure how you manually turn the lock when you only have a keyhole. You can turn the black circle where the sherlock name is printed?


I have only a keyhole, you take out the black circle, and turn on manually the plastic inside


when this is available to buy (for the outside) will be an even greater tool