Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock


The SF1 is a glass door lock with fingerprint so a different product by the looks. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Xiaomi-Sherlock-F1-Integrated-Keyless-Fingerprint-Lock-With-Bluetooth-APP-Remote-Control-For-Office-Door-Electric/32926438216.html

Not sure what the SG1 is.


I think its two different SF1 objects … poor chinese marketing. But will see when, if, they available to buy


Here they are:


Ok, its not what I thought


Hi, I ran out of Nodemcu v1, need to buy one more, are these below the same for your code?

D1 Mini con NodeMCU ESP8266-12E, 100% Compatibile con Wemos D1 Mini WiFi Modulo per Arduino


just check D1 mini pinout , you can use any pin you choose , if you want in code there Lock pin just change it to the gpio that suite your board.


Any reason why a Sherlock S2 couldn’t work over a smallish thumbturn? Maybe with some modding. No keyhole on the inside for me…


I think it should work. If not immediately with minor modification


Thank you just got one today, will try and report.

Other issue, you think is possible to do something for opening (command OPEN) the Sherlock?

OPEN not to be confused with UNLOCK, its the command that keep the latch off so the door opens (physically moves a little).

I ask because in my second door after unlocking the door does not physically opens and need to do the unlock command a second time and being present to push the door otherwise it does not open.

Hope I am clear


Given i have a xiaomi hub, I had an idea that you could maybe locate/integrate/mount either a xiaomi door sensor or a motion sensor into/on/near the Sherlock to track it’s state properly and easily in hassio? The motion sensor can track rotation. Reckon it could fit/work?

I do something similar for my dumb air con in combination with my xiaomi IR remote/blaster and a door sensor on the air con swinging gate thingo. I know the state for sure despite the remote signal being one-way and occasionally missing it’s target.

I thing i’ll pull the trigger and give it all a crack…I like the button wired into the Pi hack…



a door sensor can tell you if the door is open or closed, not if its locked or unlocked. Other important issue to consider, here in Italy our front doors are usually made of metal, hence the magnet of the door sensor may magnetize the door and so make the reed switch be always in one state.

For the first issue you would need something inside the Sherlock or inside the door lock

For the second issue I am trying to solve it with some magnetic shield, which I did not find yet …


N e way to flash m1 firmware to s2 so it can be used with xiaomi mi home app ?


Yeah I meant mounting the door sensor somehow INTO the lock mechanism, not mounting it as per designed. I’ve pulled trigger and bought one, so once I’ve tinkered I’ll report back if I got anything cool working.



has anyone figured out a way to unlock it when phone comes in lock’s bluetooth range?
Tried to find third part automation apps, triggers but didn’t find any. No app would open Sherlock app and click ‘unlock’. Maybe possible via the new widget.


no, that’s why we used the trick of bluetooth button + ESP8266



Is there any possibility to control the smartlock Sherlock m1 via other devices in MIHome?
For example, to lock by aqara button, or unlock by Loock Caty?

There is no choice in automatization menu in “then” chapter :frowning:


I use an aqara switch to LOCK (1 press) UNLOCK (two press), but I use a hacked bluetooth button with ESP8266 and MQTT


Hi, how is yours esp8266 working?

Mine so so, once in a while they need to reboot, don’t know why. Would it be possible to include in the code possibility to reboot the ESP8266?


Hello, I just installed my Sherlock s2 on my door (Theoretically should not match my door lock, because the “key” is vertical and only works when the key is in “horizontal”) so I manage to do it, I can open with the app and a “smart key fob”, it uses battery (should last around 1 year, and can be charged, the big BUT, with this lock I can’t use the normal “key”, why? maybe because of the lock (to avoid replace the entire lock basically is having a key in the other side and turn to open/close), my question , what do you do? it was 80 Euros, but im afraid that someday it does not work for any reason and I can’t use the backup key… the other side is just convenient and I might be able to use it with Hass IO


because in idle position the inside key (the key used by sherlock) should be in horizontal position, for you to use the key you use with your hand on the other side