Xiaomi Sherlock Smartlock


Yeah, the thing is my for Sherlock my lock is in vertical position (not horizontal) so basically I managed to turn a little with the key (the sherlock key) and managed to install with horizontal position, so when the door closes/open my key is most likely in diagonal so I can’t use the key from outside… ii tried with the “adjust” but seems does not do anything, is anyway to “calibrate” so when is in “close” mode stays in Vertical?


Hey i have the same issue, where is “that” circle? i Already “glued” to the door, don’t tell me i need to remove to try this :frowning: do you have more photos? thanks


maybe we can try it.
Anywhere, did you have m1 firmware?


I saw another user tried that and succed, but I can’t find it, google it. I guess that calibrate is NOT good for you, since most probably will claibrate horizontaly (which for you is vertical), and hence you will not be able to open from outside


I took a big change ordering the sherlock S2 with 2 keyfobs from Germany to Belgium for €77,21

My door should not be supported, but I’m going to try to mount it vertically. If I succeed I will post some pictures.

Should anyone have some good Ideas, please keep 'm coming :wink:


Yes, you can , I managed to do it, i have the same vertical type, but check my previous post, the backup key will not work… however , read some post back and you will see someome managed to it cutting the other edges, I will try this


In your video is see a wemos d1 mini in stead of a ESP32. Are you actually using the ESP32, and what Is your battery life on that?\

Could you be so kind to share wiring info and your scretch?


Could you post a picture?


Can you post the link to the web-shop where you ordered from pls?


It’s now USD 101.99, but you might find some more here: https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?minPrice=&maxPrice=&isBigSale=n&isFreeShip=n&isNew=n&isFavorite=n&shipFromCountry=de&shipCompanies=&SearchText=Sherlock+s2&CatId=0&g=y&initiative_id=SB_20190310102402&needQuery=y


I managed to make it work with vertical key, as couple of post suggested, you need to disassemble and then take the big wheel, cover the two holes in the sides (I used silicon plus super glue to make sure stays hard) and then cut two small rectangles, like in my photo, opposite direction as the original, then assemble again and then it’s ready, you must do this before stick the lock into the wall or you will have to removed like me :sweat_smile:


Do you also have pictures of your door before and after installing the lock?


hi all! Interesting topic, I read it all. I have a question: Could I just leave an android phone with the sherlock app installed and an app like airdroid nearby so I have remote access? Do you see any flaws in this plan? Thanks


Actually I was thinking the same, the first post someone send the signal using the pi to the phone to use adb, if your phone has root you can do it, I was thinking on tasker to trigger, or maybe nearby device API, if I have time I can try program


Sorry for my late reply , it works with me perfectly no reboot required , i have never faced issue with it , i use nodemcu and 10k resister it works like charm .

For adding reboot functionality , i will look for it as i am not really good at arduino codes , but anyhelp are welcome to modify the code.


I like the approach of hocking esp to the lock itself , but battery life would be really bad , not very reasonable to recharge battery weekly . But if someone can comeup with good code and use esp to sleep , i would like that approach too. The remote hack is the easiest so far.


For me its crap: 1 time works and 3 not, I don’t know what else to look. I have one with nodemcu and one with wemo d1 mini, I put a bigger power adapter, not sure whjat else to do.
In my script I put a notification, so that goes well, mqtt is working fine.

I can see from the led that sometimes they go green (then of course it works) and sometimes nothing


Did you connect resistor between nodemcu pin and remote pin ?


Yes, I put the resistor, maybe not so accurate resistor (I bought these 10000 ohm)??? I cut wire on both sides leaving maybe 1 cm each side

may I see your code in configuration: how do you call the lock/unlock service? With lock. or with mqtt_publish? Before I used lock.lock, and lock.unlock, maybe lock to mqtt not sending correctly??

now I will try to directly mqtt_publish,

  - platform: mqtt
    name: 14a office door
    command_topic: "home/14a_office_door/command"
    state_topic: "home/14a_office_door/status"


  - service: lock.unlock
      entity_id: lock.14b_office_door


   - service: mqtt.publish
       topic: 'home/14b_office_door/command'
       payload: 'UNLOCK'


Hi. Any progress on this? When I try to scan the qr code to activate the device it gives me some Chinese error message. I’ve reset and tried multiple phones but no luck.