Yale Assure Lock with Yale Connect Kit

Hi all,

I am in the market for a new smart lock and couldn’t fail but notice the following Yale Access kit (https://www.bunnings.co.nz/yale-access-kit-with-connect-bridge-and-module_p0195728) which seems to be a rebranded August module, as seen here: https://www.cnet.com/news/yale-smart-locks-get-the-august-treatment-with-new-kit/

Now that Yale seems to have dropped the August branding, does anyone know if I could expect the HA August Integration to work with the Yale Connect Kit?

In other words, if I get that Yale kit (that makes no mention of August), can I hope to have this talk successfully to the August Cloud Service? Has anyone had any luck?



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Hi G!

I have just bought this very lock from my local JB (with the connect module) https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/yale-unity-entrance-lock-with-connect-bridge . I’m about to start my journey - I’ll keep you updated!


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Well - that was… quick!!

I went to my HA > Configuration > Integrations > searched for August.

I set the option to phone, entered the same mobile as my phone in the +XXXXXXXXXX format and my password. My mobile received a new challenge code - and the add-in was prompting me for that code. I entered the code - done!

I was given 1 device with four entities:

This shows me I have 1 device with 4 properties. The lock state (locked unlocked), the door state (open closed), battery (percentage) and what action was taken last by whom.


My integration of Yale to Google also went off without a hitch. The Android Yale app is ok, but a bit amateurish.

Hit me if you have any questions!


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Thanks for that, very encouraging! I think I’m gonna go ahead and buy the Yale now that I have confidence the integration will be good.
Shame to have to rely on a Cloud for that but at least it seems to have DoorSense and Autolock, which is a must for me.

Any chance you would mind posting just so i can be sure, which model of lock / components you bought to make this work?

I am about to purchase as well, and was hoping the yale locks would work via the august integration, and this seems to confirm it for me.

Now i just want to make sure i buy the right hardware as i was looking at this - https://www.amazon.com/Yale-Security-YRD256-CBA-619-Connected-Touchscreen/dp/B07XHP112C?th=1


Edit: I did end up buying and set this up through the yale app as instructed. This then shared accounts with my august account, and automatically showed up in the august app. As such when i went to add the august lock integration in home assistant it worked perfectly.
Just wanted to share. Thanks all

This worked perfectly for my Yale lock too. I’m so pleased because it was the second last thing that wasn’t working.