z-Wave JS --> z-wave JS mqtt

I would like to move from z-wave JS to the z-wave JS mqtt. Can I do this easilly and revert back if it fails?
The reason is I like to have connectivity chart as I sometomes have issues reaching some devices.

The documentation is a little limited on this. There is this paragraph about switching between zwavejs and zwavejs2mqtt

They discussed switching further on this thread

The zwave device node id’s and network are stored on the stick itself, so most of the information needed to switch is there already on the zstick. I run zwavejs2mqtt, but haven’t needed to switch myself

A couple important things to note are you can’t run them both at the same time, as the zstick can only be read by either the official zwavejs addon OR the zwavejs2mqtt community addon. It will be an all one or the other switch. If you don’t want to have to wakeup all the devices, and worse rename and fix all your entities, it appears based on the linked thread you need to move some cache files from the zwavejs addon over to the zwavejs2mqtt addon. Also, if you have any locks or secure devices, you will need your security key to enter into zwavejs2mqtt. Im not sure where you get that key on zwavejs (it’s available in the settings page for easy access in zwavejs2mqtt) Without that key you will need to exclude and re-include the secure devices when you switch with a new key. This would also mess up the ability to easily switch back to the old zwavejs integration if things go wrong because now you made changes to the network and info stored on the zstick itself once you start adding or removing devices, or changing security keys.

I would definitely make sure you have a full snapshot and backup before trying to make any changes.

Hopefully someone who actually went through the process of switching themselves can chime in in case I missed anything.

There also was a recent discussion on how the chart in zwavejs2mqtt may not even be all that useful. There are other benefits to zwavejs2mqtt, but if you just want the chart I’d take a read before going through the trouble of switching to see if it’s worth it.

Point taken and I stay with my working JS…
Any way where I can see who is speaking to who?
I have relays between the garage and stick but they dont like each other :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, zwavejs2mqtt definitely gives you more options, like association setting, and healing individual nodes (versus the whole network), so it could still be useful to switch, but not just for the graph. One thing you could try if you switch to zwavejs2mqtt is to heal the individual problem node(s) and ones physically near it. I’ve found this helps when my two switches in my detached garage act up.

Probably your best bet is to use the silicon labs software. You would need a windows pc, and to download it you need to make an account with silicon labs from this link


Ive only used it a couple of times and am not an expert on it. It’s a powerful tool, but not user friendly. Here’s a guide on it.


Try the IMA network view.

You can just shutdown the machine running home assistant, unplug the zstick, and then access the network info on the other machine. As long as you just view only and don’t make any changes you won’t mess anything up. When you move the zstick back everything will work again. I just tried this the other day without any issues going back and forth.