Zanzito - A lightweight bridge between your Android device and your MQTT/home automation system


Hi, thanks!
I’m afraid it would be complicated to change the main topic, although possible: in the coming months (weeks) I’ll release some ancillary apps and, being things as they are now, they need to share the main topic with Zanzito.
In any case, I’ll look into that.


Another two request, if I may be so bold.


Right now, If i understand correctly, one one notification can be set with zanzito/device/notification.

Can you modify the app to listen to

so that i can publish retained notifications (in case device is disconnected)
zanzito/<deviceid>/notification/front_door = door open
zanzito/<deviceid>/notification/security = disarmed

Then, when the notification is read by the zanzito app, just publish to the same topic with null message to remove it. This would allow for better integrations with zanzito.

Right now I have to monitor zanzito//status then, when it turns 1, i send the notification but i have no idea if it reached the device or not.

Option to publish device connected wifi ssid / bluetooth connected devices / ip along with the positioning data

Thank you again for a great app!


I cant seem to get the device to show up in my HA. Here is my config…

I see that Owntracks is no longer needed. I do not get any errors and I can see my location being updated in the logs. Any ideas?

DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt] Received message on zanzito/my_device/location: {“longitude”:-xx.xx,“latitude”:xx.xxxxxx,“altitude”:0,“gps_accuracy”:500,“tst”:xxxxxxxx}

  - platform: mqtt_json
      my_device: zanzito/my_device/location

UPDATE: I am a goof... I didn't take out the device_tracker: line as I have all my trackers in individual yaml files.  Removed that and im good.  WOW!


There is (will be) an iphone app?



I have used owntraks and it work’s perfect , but i want to test zanzito.

But when i add my “host” i got “address no valid” ( typed without any extension)
But this is exact the same address i use in owntracks and no errors there.
I also try with my WAN ip and then it works directly.

Someone have the same problem ?

Andreas H built-in mqtt issue

what is the address in question?


The address i have is ""
I have add en extra subdomain with - instead of _ , and the it works as it should.

So the problem is the “underline” character.


I’m using Zanzito on Oreo on a Nexus 6P. I find that if I do not actually open the app, it stops communicating with the server. The logs get filled with unable to connect right up until I start the app again. This does take some time (days perhaps) but happens nonetheless.

My guess is that this is the new power saving stuff is blocking it after not being opened for some time. Any ideas to prevent that?


Is there a way the name of the proximity and light sensors can be changed? Here is my reasoning for asking…

When you enable 1, they both get enabled. I am guessing the sensors are shared? Problem is when you add a sensor and the mqtt message is received for 1, the other which in my case does not provide a value will overwrite the previous value. Example.

(light sensor) zanzito/phone/tmd490x_als_prx 54
(proximity sensor) zanzito/phone/tmd490x_als_prx

This is in the mqtt logs ^

So if I add an mqtt sensor for the light sensor and expect that sensor to keep its previous value which in the above example would be 54, it gets overwritten by the null value below in the next sensor (proximity) update.

If you go in the app settings and enable 1 or the other, they are basically named the same thing.


I’m using a samsung galaxy s7 so I’m not sure it makes a difference.

The only way around this is if I enable instant updates of the sensors as the light sensor will constantly send updates. Good from a standpoint that I always get an updated sensor but bad in that I’m constantly sending traffic and draining the battery. It is when I set to a heartbeat that the proximity sensor null value overwrites the light sensor value because it is the last update to come across. If each were named independently, the light sensor would never get overwritten. The proximity sensor on my device just never sends an update. It is always blank.

@MrMep any thoughts?


hello i use telegrama for receive notification photos, with zanzito is it possible too?
how i can to do?
on telegram i have this:

with zanzito how can i do?


Hello @MrMep. Is it possible to extend number attributes in device report? I would like to add battery_charging and charge_type.
P.S. Sorry for post here. Forum is down.


One device I am using is an ancient Samsung Galaxy Player 4 running a cyanagenmod 11 with opengapps.

When I install Zanzito (with licence) I starting getting “Google Play Services stopped” messages. I disabled all the TTS features, cleared the all data/cache in the Google Play Services app using the Settings->Apps, reboot to revcovery clear cache/dalvik, and reboot.

Seems to fix the problem. I am not sure which of the steps is strictly necessary.

Has anyone else struck this problem with Google Play Services on an older device?


Hi there - I have been really liking Zanzito, and it was really working well (so I bought a license). However recently it has gotten stuck - the GPS does not change at all. Checking the logs after rebooting / restarting / triggering an update, the coordinates are always exactly the same.

Not sure what is doing this - nothing on the phone has changed, and the GPS is definitely still working (Google Maps, GPS Test, etc.)

Love the app, Find integration is still working even. Hoping this can be easily fixed.

Side note, your forums on the Zanzito web site are down.



Just bought a license. The app is working well, however I would really like to have an option to hide the system tray line item. I already have too must stuff showing up in the tray, it would be nice to hide Zanzito.


Mine is hidden. I just pull the notification half to the right and a config button appears with options to hide the notification. This is a android function
I’m running android 7.1.1


Thanks, I just figured that out. However, this turns off all notifications from the app. That’s not a problem for me, but I can imagine that there are some people that don’t want a 24/7 system tray icon, but still want to get notifications from the app.


Anyone use notifier zanzito with HASS.IO?

ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.loader] Unable to find component notify.zanzito


I thought Zanzito notifications only worked by publishing to the right MQTT topic?


Theres a custom component for notify. Quite easy to set up


Owntracker reporting very slow. I am at home and Owntracks show me @jobb. Some time report in 1 hour and other time take 8-9 hours to report.
I want try Zanzito, but I am confused about do I need mosquitto, Cloudmqtt and Owntracks with Zanzito ? Or Zanzito can connect directly to Homeassistant with local mosquitto